The Hidden Treasures of Istanbul

the hidden treasures of istanbul1
Being one of the world's most diverse  & unique cities. Istanbul offers a bit of everything to its visitors and residents. It does not matter if you are a history lover, nature lover, adventure keen, or a shopping addict; you will definitely enjoy Istanbul.
Below are a few remarkable places that are recommended to visit while in Istanbul.


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Florya is a coastal town located west of Istanbul. Its beach and coast are the main reason for its fame. If you visit Istanbul in summer, Florya beach would be an excellent option to consider. 
This does not mean that Florya is only a sun and beach resort. In this small neighborhood,  you can experience a unique shopping experience in Acqua florya shopping center. This shopping center is considered one of the most prestigious malls in Istanbul, as it has many famous brands.
Florya as well is the perfect place to spend a day with family and kids. For example, you can have a picnic in Florya park where you can enjoy beautiful nature, delicious food offered by restaurants and cafes there, and spectacular views of the Marmara sea. 
Not far from the park, there is a children's playground.
Aquarium florya is also a fantastic place to spend precious time exploring the different sea species representing the four seas Turkey has, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean sea, Black sea, and the mediterranean sea.

Balat & Fener

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Balat neighborhood is one of Istanbul's traditional quarters. It is unique in its houses, streets, churches, synagogues, and mosques.
Balat is the old Jewish quarter, yet you will find many mosques and churches in the neighborhood, and most of its inhabitants are Muslims.
We can not mention Balat without mentioning the adjacent neighborhood of Fener. Fener is known as the Vatican of the Greeks as it hosts the Patriarchate of Constantinople and the Bulgarian Church of St. Stephen.

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In these two neighborhoods, you will enjoy visiting historical buildings, streets, and you will witness the warship places for the Jews, Christians, and Muslims stand in peaceful harmony together.
There are a lot of antique shops, traditional markets, and cafes in Balat and Fener. Both have their own unique houses with colorful facades, but in Balat, there is a famous street called "The Corbaci street or Merdivinli street." The road is on a hill, which makes the view of the adjacent houses look amazing, especially with their cheerful colors. 
This street is recommended for photography lovers.

The Golden horn & pier Lotti.

the hidden treasures of istanbul5
The golden horn is a must to visit place in Istanbul. It has breath-taking views and a coast.
The best place to enjoy the Golden horn's marvelous views is the pier loti hill located above the Sultan Eyup mosque and cemetery. 
You can reach the top of the Piere loti hill either by cable car or walking through the graveyard.

Camlica Hill

Camlica is the highest hill in Istanbul in the Anatolian part. It belongs to the Uskudar district.
It hosts parks, restaurants, and the biggest mosque in Istanbul that was opened recently.
From the top of the hill, you will have a panoramic view of the Bosphorus strait, and pretty much a huge part of the amazing city of Istanbul.

The Anatolian Marmara sea coast.

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Although Istanbul is famous for its incredible sea coasts, the Anatolian side owns the city's perfect shores.
Starting from Bostanci all the way to Pendik, you will enjoy spectacular views of the Marmara sea and the princess islands. There are many fish restaurants where you can enjoy your meal while watching the magnificent sunset view over the sea.
Also, there are parks, cafés, picnic areas, walking tracks, bicycle tracks alongside the coast.

These are a few of many treasures Istanbul charms its residents and visitors every day. Be a resident of this charming place, and buy your apartment in Istanbul with us.
Published on 2021-01-15
Updated on 2021-01-25