Istanbul Sisli Apartments

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Sisli was the home of minorities during the Ottoman Empire times, especially to Greeks and Armenians. Also, the wealthy Levantines and foreign embassies were living in Sisli. The influence of the French during this period left many beautiful buildings with high ceilings and impressive details behind. There are many villas to see that used to belong to once-powerful persons at those times. Starting the 1920s, more French, Italian, and German architects like Agache, Lambert, Prost, Elgötz, and Mongri came to Sisli and designed unique buildings that today still are in use and can be visited.
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Today, Sisli is a much-desired area to live in Istanbul due to its proximity to other districts. Its most exclusive area is Nisantasi, which is known as the high-society-neighborhood in Istanbul. Abdi İpekçi Street in Nisantasi is Turkey's most expensive shopping street. Property prices in Sisli tend to be considerably higher than the other districts. It's important to weight these factors while deciding on which area to buy property in Istanbul. If the aim is investing in a trendy central location regardless of the high prices, then the Sisli district may be the right location. However, if the aim is buying a property and realizing capital gain in a relatively short period, then we may suggest some alternative districts in Istanbul instead. 

Properties for sale in Istanbul Sisli

Ref: 5880
Şişli, Istanbul 64-250 m2 1+1,2+1,3+1,4+1 4
$ 163,793 Quick Request
Ref: 4759
Şişli, Istanbul 68-165 m2 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 0
$ 109,052 Quick Request
Ref: 5932
Şişli, Istanbul 86-136 m2 1+1,2+1 1
$ 600,000 Quick Request
Ref: 5929
Şişli, Istanbul 45-195 m2 1+0,1+1,2+1,3,5+1 0
$ 152,828 Quick Request
Ref: 5930
Bomonti residence Istanbul
Şişli, Istanbul 67-75 m2 1+1 0
$ 180,033 Quick Request
Ref: 3245
Şişli, Istanbul 69 - 158 m2 1+1 , 2+1 , 3+1 1
$ 80,196 Quick Request
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