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Buying a home or a villa property in Istanbul you can get much more space compare to an apartment. Another reason you may want to buy a villa in Istanbul can be for privacy reasons. Owning a private detached villa in Istanbul, you can make sure to have maximum privacy for your self and your family. Location is one of the most important factors when it comes to real estate. During your search for an ideal villa property in Istanbul, we'll be offering you full consultancy regarding the location as well as the build quality of the homes. Our team of experts like to make sure that the location, facilities and the build quality of your new villa in Istanbul will fully meet your requirements.

Homes for sale in Istanbul

$ 329,835
This well-designed villa property is a part of a residential villa complex located in Beylikduzu on the European side of Istanbul.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
250 m2 5
$ 606,700
Delivery on Jun 2022
Sophisticatedly designed 3 bedroom villas with private pools and gardens bring nature into your home, redefining your concept of interior design.
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
320 m2 5
$ 6,350,000
The villa has a very large living space, in a complex located in Istanbul Beykoz, a prestigious area on the Anatolian side, the property has a pool, jacuzzi, and Turkish bath.
Beykoz, Istanbul
1000 m2 7
$ 509,745
Spacious 4 bedroom villas beautifully integrated into natural life offer a great living experience and a perfect spot to maintain your well-being, Polonezkoy Istanbul.
Beykoz, Istanbul
486-524 m2 5
$ 217,391
7 % Discount
Valid until 27-Jan-2022
This 7th-floor apartment in Istanbul is located near the sea, it offers an open sea-view and 147 sqm spacious living
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
147 m2 3
$ 3,500,000
Stunning 5+2 villa in Sarıyer with a swimming pool and a view of the Bosphorus Sea
Sarıyer, Istanbul
550 m2 7
$ 1,298,726
5+2 villa enveloped by nature in a villa complex benefiting from the mounted position offers an unblocked view of nature
Beykoz, Istanbul
500 m2 7
$ 956,960
Delivery on Dec 2022
20 % Discount
7 villas complex with modern architecture, surrounded by greenery, located close to Kilyos of Sariyer, Istanbul.
Sarıyer, Istanbul
323-339 m2 6
$ 8,500,000
5+2 villa in one of the most prestigious districts of Istanbul features a private pool surrounded by palm trees and a spacious garden.
Sarıyer, Istanbul
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$ 4,000,000
This spacious mansion with 9 rooms sits on private land of 1150 m2 with full views over the Bosphorus
Üsküdar, Istanbul
750 m2 9
$ 14,000,000
This unique mansion in Sariyer features a heliport, a private pool, and a winter garden on a land of 2000 m2.
Sarıyer, Istanbul
1000 m2 9
$ 1,000,000
A beautiful 6+2 villa right next to the Marmara Sea, cafes, restaurants on a gated community
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
450 m2 8
$ 937,256
Delivery on Jul 2023
18 months installments
Inspired by nature, the luxurious villas with private pools and spacious living spaces will make you feel special.
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
357-571 m2 4-7
$ 899,550
This 5+1 luxury home consists of a spacious garden, a private pool, and a detached deck with a roof.
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
250 m2 6
$ 1,800,000
This 730 m2 villa is located in one of the most prestigious areas of Istanbul
Beşiktaş, Istanbul
730 m2
$ 12,950,000
Welcome each day with magnificent views of the Marmara Sea at this unique waterfront mansion in Istanbul.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
600 m2 9
$ 3,335,832
This private 3-story villa with a spacious terrace offers a full view of the Bosphorus in full privacy.
Beykoz, Istanbul
$ 2,100,000
This 5+2 spacious monumental villa is located in Sariyer Tarabya on the European shore of the Bosphorus
Sarıyer, Istanbul
370 m2 7
$ 1,405,000
Delivery on Mar 2022
12 months installments
Different types of luxurious properties with an earthquake warning system and an eco-friendly project for sale in Istanbul
Sultanbeyli, Istanbul
413-1006 m2 5-6
$ 254,873
This spacious family home is situated on the European side of Istanbul and offers 500 m2 of living space and views towards the Marmara Sea.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
500 m2 8
$ 2,250,000
The villa has 3 terraces, a winter garden and a parking lot with 2 cars capacity.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
595 m2 7
$ 450,000
This spacious and luxurious villa is only 300 m from the sea and offers a 460 m2 living space on 4 floors.
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
460 m2 7
$ 196,904
These 3+1 villas have been designed for a life embraced by nature and tranquility to be the perfect family home
Silivri, Istanbul
276-368 m2 4
$ 160,357
These duplex properties are located in the sought-after popular neighborhood of Sile, near the forest and the beaches.
Şile, Istanbul
181-426 m2 4-5
$ 5,500,000
This unique villa enjoys a perfect location in Sariyer overlooking the Bosphorus from an eagle's nest with full privacy.
Sarıyer, Istanbul
450 m2 7
$ 6,250,000
If a property were designed to show the true beauty of living in Istanbul, this villa would certainly fit that model.
$ 359,688
This 4+1 villa embodies modernized village life, offering a living experience enveloped by nature.
Şile, Istanbul
279-396 m2 5
$ 412,294
Fourplex 7+2 house with Bahcesehir's gorgeous Golet Park view is now looking for new homeowners. The villa has a private garden, terraces, and parking garage.
Başakşehir, Istanbul
500 m2 9
$ 1,100,000
Elegant home in Silivri with 8 spacious bedrooms and 2 living rooms, this home is designed to meet all expectations.
Silivri, Istanbul
400 m2 10
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$ 1,799,100
In the elegant neighborhood of Beylerbeyi, surrounded by waterfront houses and mansions, this 2nd-degree historic mansion is looking for new owners.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
550 m2 8

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