Turkish Citizenship by Investment and Turkish Citizenship by Property

The minimum amount required for Turkish Citizenship by buying property is 400,000 USD

The new regulation was published in the Official Gazette on 12 May 2022 which officially announced the minimum amount required for Turkish Citizenship is 400,000 USD

Turkish Citizenship anouncement new amount required 400,000 USD

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How to apply for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

To obtain Turkish Citizenship by investment, you should purchase real estate in Turkey with a minimum total value of $400.000. You may choose to invest in one or multiple properties as long as the required amount is reached. Our clients typically choose to invest in multiple properties with guaranteed rental income. As Turkey Expert, we'll be presenting you with the most suitable options to maximize your investment while having an easy exit strategy when it's time to sell your properties.
Turkish Citizenship by Investment
One crucial point is the valuation must be done by a certified company, and the money should be brought to Turkey by customs or bank account in the last six months before the application. Another important point is the seller must be a Turkish Citizen, and the payment should be through a bank transfer.

1. Choosing the right property

Turkish Citizenship - Choosing the right property
The first step would be choosing the right property to buy. Our team of experts will be searching according to your search criteria and make sure to source the best possible choice available. You're not limited to only one property. It's possible to invest in multiple properties.

2. Property valuation and the appointment for the title deed

Turkish Citizenship - Property valuation
After deciding the right property to buy, the progress of expertise and appointment for the title deed signing procedure takes about a week.
While buying a property with the purpose of acquiring Turkish citizenship, one should tell title deed officers that the aim of the purchase is to acquire Turkish citizenship, so that title deed officers put gloss (exegesis) to prevent selling this property for 3 years.

3. Receiving the Certificate of Conformity and the Investor Resident documents

Turkish Citizenship - step 3 documents
About 15 days after the purchase, the title deed gives you "uygunluk belgesi" (certificate of conformity) which allows you to apply "yatırımcı ikamet belgesi" (investor resident document), just after the latter, you can apply for the appointment of Turkish citizenship. The application rendez-vous might be given after about 15 days.
Besides property documents, there'll be the following documents required; the translation of the applicant's passport, birth certificate, photos and the marriage certificate.

4. The final step of getting your Turkish citizenship

Turkish Citizenship - getting your Turkish passport
After the application rendez-vous, it takes about 45 days to get Turkish citizenship. The last step of the procedure is giving fingerprints and getting your Turkish citizen ID. The whole process takes two and a half to four months altogether.
As Turkey Expert, we'll be carrying out the necessary paperwork and assisting you with every step of the way.

Fees for Turkish Citizenship by Property

Title deed fees

  • Expertise valuation fee for each property (about 1500 TL)
  • Property tax, which is %2 for the buyer plus 500 TL and %2 for the seller (%2 of the total value of the property). It is common that if the seller makes a discount more than %2, the buyer also pays the seller's share of the property tax.

Turkish citizenship fees (for each family member applying for Turkish citizenship)

  • Power of attorney (notary and translation fee, if needed) (1400 TL)
  • Government fees are about 600 TL
  • Notary (or consulate fees) are about 500-1000 TL (for translation of passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, documents showing your family etc)
  • Health insurance fees are about 500-1000 TL for each year
  • Document Translations fees are about 300-600 TL (if needed)

Turkish Citizenship by buying property, the minimum limit required is 400,000 USD for the applications after 12 June 2022

The minimum for acquiring Turkish Citizenship by purchasing real estate in Turkey has been 250.000 USD since 19 September 2018. This amount is increased to 400,000 USD, by an announcement published in the Official Gazette. The new regulation is activated as of 12 June 2022.

Can my family and I receive Turkish Passport through buying real estate in Turkey?

Yes, your children under 18 years old and spouses get the right to receive Turkish Passport as well.

Immigration to Turkey by investment

Turkish Republic Citizenship Program has been revised and eased for foreign investors. The amount required for foreign citizens to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment has been lowered to 250.000 USD from 1.000.000 USD level. This amount was increased to 400,000 USD as of 12 June 2022.

Can I relocate to other countries such as US or UK with the Turkish Passport?

The USA has a special program for Investors (E1 / E2), enabling Turkish Passport holders to relocate to the USA. For the UK, relocating is simpler by opening a company.

Is dual Citizenship possible, do I need to give up my current Passport?

No, you can keep your current Passport, dual Citizenship is allowed when getting Turkish Passport by investment.

Am I required to learn Turkish language to receive Turkish Passport?

No, the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program does not require applicants to learn Turkish.

Can I make a profitable investment at the same time while applying for Turkish Citizenship?

Yes, you can! There're investment possibilities, both commercial or residential properties offering excellent rental returns. We'll be glad to inform you further about the possibilities.

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by buying property

Turkish Citizenship program for investors is offering better conditions in comparison to similar Citizenship programs in other countries, such as;
  • Speed: The total length of the application takes up to 4 months on average. This is much shorter compared to similar applications in other countries.
  • The period of investment: You can sell your real estate after 3 years.
  • Low required investment amount: 400.000 USD will be sufficient for the Turkish Citizenship Application.
  • Maintain your current passport: Turkish Citizenship application allows for dual citizenship.
  • The simplicity of the application: Applying for Turkish Citizenship is far simpler regarding paperwork needed.
  • Dynamic Economy: The Turkish economy is very dynamic and the real estate market is booming. These conditions backed with a well educated young population, ensures excellent conditions for real estate investment.

Property in Turkey for Turkish Citizenship

Here below you can view a selection of Turkish homes and apartments which are eligible for Citizenship by Investment

However, with direct personal contact, we'll be able to offer you possibilities to suit your current situation. So please don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

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$ 349,040
This new property in Izmir comes with high-quality building material, including underfloor heating throughout, a 130 m2 living area, and a private garden with a spacious terrace.
Urla, Izmir
130 m2 4
$ 10,000,000
This luxurious Bosphorus property in Istanbul with an interior design features a Turkish bath, hot tub, an indoor swimming pool, and an underground parking lot for 30 cars.
Beykoz, Istanbul
1500 m2 12
$ 650,000
This property in Istanbul comes with a 3-year rental guarantee and it is suitable for Turkish Citizenship, tenanted by a large supermarket chain.
Eyüp, Istanbul
500 m2
$ 1,000,850
17 % Discount
Valid until 11-Jul-2022
141 m2 apartment in Nisantasi of Istanbul comes with 9-months payment plan and a 192.000 EUR discount.
Şişli, Istanbul
141 m2 3
$ 420,000
10 % Discount
Valid until 10-Jul-2022
The price of this 112 sqm Istanbul Taksim property is reduced from $466.500 to $420.000 for a limited time.
Beyoğlu, Istanbul
112 m2 2
$ 155,000
This 60 m2 commercial property is for sale on the main street in the Gaziosmanpasa district of Istanbul
Gaziosmanpaşa, Istanbul
60 m2
$ 104,670
These Alanya properties are located on a site with facilities and beach access, eligible for Turkish Citizenship as well.
Avsallar, Alanya
53-162 m2 2-4
$ 420,000
10 % Discount
The project combines different architectural styles and tastefully designed interiors in a unique location in Istanbul
Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
54-552 m2 2-6
$ 4,730,000
This grand 4-story villa has a deluxe interior with the Ottoman architecture, offering 10-bedroom, 4 living rooms, in Buyukcekmece on the European side of Istanbul,
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
1000 m2 14
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$ 449,000
The 180 m2 modern apartment located in the popular Florya district of Istanbul features 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a balcony, and a fully-equipped kitchen with a parking lot.
Florya, Istanbul
180 m2 5
$ 580,000
Unique Istanbul apartments on the valuable Bakirkoy Zeytinburnu coastline, whether it is for living or for investment.
Bakırköy, Istanbul
85-719 m2 2-6
$ 494,147
12 months installments
5 % Discount
Modern apartments, investment apartments in Istanbul near the center
Beyoğlu, Istanbul
116-245 m2 2-4
$ 175,974
Delivery on Dec 2023
Exquisite apartments in the center of Izmir with reception services, shops, and facilities to provide a full-fledged comfortable life to its residents.
Konak, Izmir
51-120 m2 2-3
$ 939,500
Delivery on Jan 2025
Commercial and residential properties built on a plot of 50,000 m2 in the popular Levent district of Istanbul
Sarıyer, Istanbul
159-399 m2 2-5
$ 1,977,894
The unique design allows all apartments to enjoy incredible sea views from their spacious balconies.
Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
298-347 m2 6
$ 616,272
Properties in Belek, Kadriye district, with 240 m2 of living space, a private pool with a hot tub, in a villa complex located 2.5 km from the sea.
Belek, Antalya
240 m2 4
$ 378,127
The 250 m2 property in Izmir has 6 bedrooms and 2 living rooms with full sea views, located near the sea
Karaburun, Izmir
250 m2 8
$ 1,236,000
60 months installments
10 % Discount
Luxury apartments in the center of the Altunizade neighborhood in the Uskudar district, near the Bosphorus Bridge
Üsküdar, Istanbul
208-557 m2
$ 469,000
Apartments in the Besiktas district of Istanbul with 24/7 concierge services, and fitness facilities.
Beşiktaş, Istanbul
78-142 m2 2-3
$ 595,000
180 m2 property in Istanbul located near the coast of Beylikduzu, the title deed is ready for delivery.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
180 m2 4
$ 1,281,675
Properties for sale in the heart of Antalya, old town, charming traditional architecture, and only 280 meters to the seaside.
Old Town, Antalya
120 m2
$ 621,613
The 320 sqm spacious property in Antalya Konyaalti, offers high building quality, a private pool and 6 bedrooms.
320 m2 7
$ 241,419
These 135 m2 comfortable apartments located in central Istanbul, Bayrampasa district, are eligible for Turkish citizenship as well.
Bayrampaşa, Istanbul
135 m2 4
$ 1,137,487
Beautifully designed Antalya apartments are located on the first coastline in the popular Liman area of the Konyaalti district.
164 m2 5
$ 249,000
Delivery on Dec 2022
6 months installments
This new complex in Istanbul contains all the daily needs of the inhabitants, sports facilities, a spa, restaurants, a cinema, and more.
Kağıthane, Istanbul
86-130 m2 2-3
$ 400,000
Duplex apartment in Beylikduzu of Istanbul with 200 sqm living space, 2 living rooms, 3 bedrooms in a complex with pool and facilities.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
200 m2 5
$ 450,000
Eligible for Turkish citizenship, this 400 m2 shop located on the main street promises a high monthly income and 3 years rental guarantee.
Kartal, Istanbul
400 m2
$ 702,672
This brand-new 5+1 Antalya villa accommodates 4 balconies, 3 bathrooms, a Turkish bath, a pantry, a parking lot, and an outdoor pool.
335 m2 6
$ 381,796
Experience a privileged and luxury lifestyle at this astonishing, world-class, hotel-concept high-rise with five-star amenities.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
134 - 166 m2 2-3
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$ 1,500,000
Delivery on Dec 2022
The generously-sized exquisite homes in Istanbul feature private pools and views, located in a complex with multiple social facilities.
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
406-980 m2 6-11

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