Land for sale in Turkey

Looking for a land in Turkey?

As property prices increase, the lands are becoming more and more valuable. The market for building land in Turkey has never been more dynamic. We are not able to upload all the last minute and up to date information here on this section due to the nature of the market.

There're many "hidden" portfolios in Turkey. So the land is not advertised anywhere, but in reality, we know that the owner is actually prepared to sell. The landowners like to be discreet about it. As selling land in Turkey, will most of the cases imply that the financial situation of the person is not too well. Please send us your inquiry message about your search for land in Turkey, we'll investigate currently available possibilities, and we'll let you know as soon as possible.

We offer professional construction services in Turkey

We have a professional team to assist you with construction. We're able to fully assist our investors with activities such as locating the suitable land to build on, project planning, design & architects, all necessary paperwork (such as establishing a limited company), and the construction. Alternatively, you may prefer to become an investor-partner on an existing real estate project. Please get in touch with us to find out more about the possibilities.

Ref: 6541
Good size land in Turkey on the Aegean coast offers high investment potential.
Kusadasi 30000 m2
$ 263,952 Quick Request
Ref: 4603
Kusadasi 52000 m2
$ 3,016,591 Quick Request
Ref: 4562
Izmir 450 - 500 m2
$ 15,083 Quick Request
Ref: 1643
Kusadasi 0 m2 5-10
$ 1,173,529 Quick Request