How can I sell my property in Turkey?

Selling your property in Turkey

Planning to sell your property in Turkey? Plans change all the time and circumstances may require you to sell your property in Turkey. Turkey Expert has been in the business for over 20 years, one of the oldest and experienced agency in the area. We will be gladly assisting you in every step of the way.

What are the procedures when selling my property in Turkey

To start with, we'll request relevant documents showing you're the official owner of the property. If needed, we'll also assist you determining the realistic market price of your poperty.

What is the cost of selling my property in Turkey

We do our best to let buyer pay for the sales taxes. Your only expense will be our commission fee of 3% which will be due only when your property is sold. You'll need to close any open accounts for maintenance, electricity and water fees. If you're selling after 5 years of your purchase, then no need to worry about income tax. We'll be informing you further about these details.

How quick can you sell my Turkish property? Are you able to make cash offers?

Sale of your property will be obviously depending on the asking price. If you’re interested, we’ll be able to make quick cash offers for your property thanks to our network of investors.

Can I list my property on your website?

It depends on where your property is located in Turkey. In some areas, we can list your property as direct from the owner in exchange for a fee. Please get in touch with us for more information

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Do you already have a buyer for your property?

If you already have a potential buyer, and need help with finalizing the sale, we can offer assistance for applications at the land registry, following on the title deed transfer as well as completing the necessary application (such as unregistering your name) at the city council.

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