Shops for sale in Istanbul, buy commercial business in Istabul with income

Buy Commercial Property in Istanbul with Rental Income

We have a large portfolio of commercial shops and stores for sale in Istanbul. Buying a commercial property in Istanbul, our buyers enjoy an excellent return on their investment properties
Our commercial shops and stores in Istanbul are typically rented by well known commercial brands. As the new owner, you'll be taking over the existing agreements and start enjoying the rental income immediately. These commercial properties are also eligible for appying Turkish Citizenship if that's of interest.

Our commercial shops and stores in Istanbul are rented by well known commercial brands.

The shops and stores are typically rented out by well-known brands and chains such as McDonalds, KFC, Migros, and the others. As the new owner, you'll be taking over the existing agreements and start enjoying the rental income immediately. These commercial properties are also eligible for applying for Turkish Citizenship if that's of interest.

Commercial Istanbul Properties

$ 289,474
Turkcell is the most commonly used telecommunication company in Turkey, buying this shop in Istanbul will assure a continuous rental income
Küçükçekmece, Istanbul
$ 657,895
Commercial property in Beylikduzu suitable for citizenship
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
400 m2 1
$ 867,105
Well known Bim supermarket as the long term tenant, this commercial property in Istanbul is an excellent investment
Esenyurt, Istanbul
0 m2 2
$ 268,000
A shop for sale in Gunesli, Bagcilar suitable for citizenship, 8% rental return guaranteed for 3 years
Bağcılar, Istanbul
125 m2
$ 690,789
Invest in a great commercial property with a basement and garden in an excellent location with high rental income
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
320 m2 3
$ 361,842
Well known supermarket chain SOK has a 10 years contract on this commercial property in Istanbul
Esenyurt, Istanbul
320 m2
$ 257,500
A commercial shop for sale in Istanbul features an excellent investment possibility, USD based rental guarantee!
Esenyurt, Istanbul
108-703 m2
$ 407,895
Commercial shops with different sizes available for sale in Beylikduzu. These properties are suitable for citizenship.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
207 m2 2-4
$ 552,632
A commercial shop rented by a well-known market, Bim, suitable for 2 citizenships!
Avcılar, Istanbul
$ 480,263
Commercial property suitable for Citizenship in Avcilar, Istanbul
Avcılar, Istanbul
450 m2
$ 434,211
3 years guaranteed rental income! This commercial shop in Istanbul has the famous chain tenant called Sariyer Borekcisi
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
122 m2 3
$ 175,658
7 % Discount
Shop for sale on a goverment project in Istanbul with rental guarantee
The investment property comes with 7.5% rental guarantee for 5 years.
Başakşehir, Istanbul
$ 236,842
Commercial property for sale in Beylikduzu with 3 years guaranteed rental income
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
45 m2
$ 473,684
Tenanted commercial space for sale in a great location with several facilities is a great investment for Turkish citizenship
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
360 m2 3
$ 117,105
Commercial property for sale in Istanbul with rental guarantee
Shops units for sale in a popular location in Istanbul with guaranteed rental returns
Avcılar, Istanbul
40 m2
$ 254,000
Delivery on Jun 2021
Turkish Citizenship offer with rental guarantee near the New Airport
This Citizenship package contains a commercial shop with 9% rental and 3 years guarantee
Başakşehir, Istanbul
115 m2
$ 260,000
Turkish Citizenship by investment in 6 commercial shops
Commercial shops for sale that has an attractive package, guarantees Turkish citizenship
Bağcılar, Istanbul
153 m2 6
$ 111,842
Commercial shop located in European Istanbul offers great rental returns to investors
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
35 m2
$ 205,789
36 months installments
10 % Discount
Offices for sale with a rental guarantee and suitable for Turkish citizenship
The project offers various investment offices with integrated services and near the most important centers in Istanbul
Eyüp, Istanbul
74-210 m2 1
$ 657,895
Commercial property located in a great location guarantees rental returns for the next 3 years
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
300 m2 3
$ 552,632
Ozdilek store is located in Perlavista AVM, which is centrally located in Beylikdüzü
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
85 m2
$ 552,632
Two investment properties for sales in a shopping center in Beylikduzu, they're suitable for a Turkish Citizenship application and come with a rental guarantee
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
90-135 m2 2
$ 690,789
Buy to let investment property for sale in Istanbul with 5 years rental guarantee
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
65 m2
$ 497,368
This investment property offers 5 years of rental guarantee, it's suitable for the Turkish Citizenship application as well.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
95-240 m2
$ 414,474
This shop has been rented out to a well-known fast-food chain and its rental is guaranteed for the coming 5 years. It also allows you to apply for a Turkish passport.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
53 m2
$ 746,053
Buying this commercial store in Istanbul guarantees a rental income and it also provides the possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
100 m2 3
$ 111,974
12 months installments
10 % Discount
Commercial units for sale in Istanbul on a shopping mall
The shops for sale are located in Bagcilar Istanbul, where 750.000 people are living and working. With its excellent location, it is promising a good capital growth and rental income.
Bağcılar, Istanbul
100-990 m2 3-4
$ 388,158
This commercial property in Istanbul is rented to a supermarket chain, which makes it a good investment and citizenship opportunity at the same time.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
280 m2 3
$ 368,421
This income-generating shop in Istanbul has a supermarket chain as a tenant with a rental contract for 10 years
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
400 m2 3
$ 493,421
This buy-to-let investment in Behcesehir, Istanbul has a retail tenant, and the contract will be transferred to the new buyer.
Başakşehir, Istanbul
240 m2

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