Commercial burger shop for sale in Istanbul Beykent with a rental guarantee

Ref: 20292
M2 350
Apply for 2 Turkish Citizenship by purchasing this 350 sqm burger shop in Istanbul Beykent, offering a 10-year rental guarantee.

Introducing a commercial property, a bustling commercial burger shop nestled in the vibrant Beykent area of Istanbul. Spanning an impressive 350 square meters, this establishment occupies a prime location on the main street, ensuring high visibility and easy accessibility for customers.

With the added advantage of possessing two title deeds, the commercial shop in Istanbul offers a secure investment opportunity. The property also boasts a remarkable 10-year rental guarantee, providing peace of mind to prospective buyers. Generating a substantial monthly rental income of 157,000 TL, this burger shop promises great financial returns and qualifies as an excellent investment for obtaining Turkish Citizenship for two individuals.

The commercial property boasts the perfect blend of a thriving business venture and a gateway to Citizenship in the bustling heart of Istanbul's Beykent area.

This property was published on 13-01-2024.
It was last updated on 24-04-2024.
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