Istanbul Bahcelievler Apartments


Bahcelievler was called Hepdemon during the Byzantine Empire and was the agricultural center of the city due to the good groundwater in the area. It was also a preferred summer retreat because of its vicinity to the sea. There are many historical monuments from these earlier periods. The Siyavuşaşa Pavilion (Pool Villa), Viran Palace, Mimar Sinan Bridge (Çobançeşme Bridge) are among the landmarks of the region. 

In 1978 the government instructed planned urbanization in the area. High buildings started being built from then on. Comparing to other areas in Istanbul, Bahcelievler has much more structured planning. It quickly became popular by well-known building companies, developing high-end and impressive apartment and villa projects in the area. This resulted in a number of good international schools, hospitals, and big shopping centers settling in Bahcelievler district as well, making it an ideal location to live. 

It is possible to reach Bahçelievler, by using the E-5 highway or Basın Ekspres road, or by using the M1 and M3 lines and the T1 tram line.

Properties for sale in Istanbul Bahcelievler

$ 121,481
Delivery on May 2021
Discounted price on cash payment
Great offer for cash payments in one of Istanbul's finest project
Bahçelievler, Istanbul
77 m2
$ 65,926
24 months installments
10 % Discount
Comfortable apartments in Istanbul Basin Express with affordable prices
The project has various properties suitable for students and employees in the Basin Express area and offers many communal facilities
Bahçelievler, Istanbul
72-142 m2 2-3-4
$ 83,025
24 months installments
New apartments in Istanbul Basin Express with easy access to the new airport
If you are looking for an investment apartment in Istanbul, these apartments, located on the popular Istanbul Basin Ekspres area may be interesting.
Bahçelievler, Istanbul
47-126 m2 2-3
$ 159,704
Delivery on May 2021
36 months installments
Unique child-friendly project in Istanbul with impressive architecture
Bahçelievler, Istanbul
77-221 m2 2-5
$ 95,309
24 months installments
Luxury Istanbul apartments for sale in a large project containing a 5-star Hotel and a convention center
The project offers luxurious details and a delightful Spa center with a good size swimming pool
Bahçelievler, Istanbul
71 - 473 m2 1-4
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