Istanbul Uskudar Apartments


The first name of the Uskudar district, one of the oldest settlements on the Anatolian side in Istanbul, is Khyrsopolis, which means "Golden City" in Greek. In Uskudar, which was established along the Bosphorus line, you can often catch the magnificent view of the Bosphorus Bridge. The Maiden's Tower, another important symbol of Istanbul, is a treasure that will welcome you on the Uskudar Coast.

Harem Bus Terminal, with the intercity buses, is located on the seashore just below the Uskudar Selimiye Barracks. Also, here is the pier where regular car ferries depart from İDO to Sirkeci. There are also motor and ferry services from Uskudar to Besiktas, Karakoy, Kabatas, Eminonu and other districts on the European side.

Kuzguncuk, which has been visited frequently by domestic and foreign tourists in recent years, is a district in Uskudar that protects the culture of the neighborhood and has detached houses in the greenery. Due to its historical past, many palaces could be visited in Uskudar. The many mosques, madrasahs, tombs, and palaces. The Beylerbeyi Palace, which is located at the foot of the Bosphorus Bridge, the Mihrimah Mosque that welcomes you with its magnificence on the pier, and the Aziz Mahmud Hudayi Tomb, which receives dozens of visitors every day, are only some of them.

Properties for sale in Istanbul Uskudar

$ 215,247
15 % Discount
Become a neighbor to Istanbul's oldest Ottoman Mansions in the historic Uskudar
Luxurarious houses in Cengelkoy Uskudare for sale
Üsküdar, Istanbul
103-290 m2 2-5
$ 237,407
Delivery on Mar 2021
Uskudar apartments facing the Bosphorus await for you
A new project in an amazing location in Cengelkoy, Uskudar for sale. There are 2+1,3+1,4+1, 5+1 apartments for sale in this project.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
110-392 m2 3-6
$ 144,568
24 months installments
10 % Discount
Brand new valuable project in the historic Uskudar district in Istanbul
Beautiful new development in Uskudar, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul
Üsküdar, Istanbul
69-660 m2 2-7
$ 117,407
Delivery on Sep 2022
36 months installments
12 % Discount
Investment properties in the finance center of istanbul
Invest in an award-winning project in Istanbul with high return on your investment
Üsküdar, Istanbul
46-176 m2 2-5
$ 258,765
12 % Discount
Green living in Istanbul, apartments for sale in the elite complex next to forest
This family-oriented complex with a unique atmosphere located in Validebag on the Asian side of Istanbul
Üsküdar, Istanbul
95 / 513 m2 2-7
$ 320,000
Authentic apartment for sale in a historically rich neighborhood in Istanbul center offering nice views of the Bosphorus
Üsküdar, Istanbul
145 m2 4
$ 555,556
This luxury apartment in Istanbul is located on a well-maintained complex in an elite location.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
330 m2 5
$ 296,888
60 months installments
10 % Discount
Exclusive flats for sale in a modern high-rise in Istanbul Uskudar
Excellent development in Istanbul with an A-plus elegant mall, developed by a global brand near
Üsküdar, Istanbul
55-220 m2 2-4
$ 234,568
New and luxurious project in Istanbul for sale with with sea views
Located in one of the most beautiful historical locations within Istanbul, this project offers a variety of apartments for sale with customized payment plans.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
157 - 423 m2 3-6
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