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Uskudar is one of the oldest, most established, and iconic residential districts in Istanbul. There are many reasons why Uskudar is in high-demand in the Istanbul real estate market. Click here to read more
Uskudar, a more conservative district in Istanbul situated on the shores of the Bosphorus on the European side, is one of the oldest and most established and iconic residential districts. It borders with Beykoz to the north, Umraniye to the east, Kadikoy to the south, with Besiktas directly across from the Bosphorus to the west.

A highly sought-after district, the picturesque Maiden’s Tower, an important symbol of Istanbul that can often be found on Istanbul postcards, is the first treasure that’ll welcome you to the Uskudar Coast. And afterward, Uskudar becomes a gift that keeps on giving. Its Bosphorus location, which is surrounded by magnificent views of the Bosphorus Bridge, its elite historical background and sites, its waterfront promenade, seaside Ottoman-styled mansions, historical mosques, the famous Beylerbeyi palace, old drinking fountains, and one can easily see why Uskudar is a place of everlasting charm and the dream location of a residence for many.

Uskudar also holds a multicultural past, a “European Quarters” of the Anatolian side, per se. One such neighborhood of honorable mention is the charismatic neighborhood of Kuzguncuk, which was once a melting pot of religions, where many Greeks, Armenians, Jews, and Turks lived in unison. Uskudar set an example as an epicenter of tolerance in Istanbul, from mosques to Jewish synagogues to Greek and Armenian churches.

The neighborhood of Kuzguncuk has been gaining popularity amongst domestic and foreign tourists in recent years. Due to its historical significance and the many historical landmarks which could still be visited to date. The famous Beylerbeyi Palace, located at the foot of the Bosphorus Bridge, welcomes you with its magnificence on the pier. Other mentions include the many mosques, such as the Mihrimah Mosque, churches, such as Saint Gregory and the Saint Pantaleon Churches, respectably, and synagogues, such as the Bet Yaakov Synagogue.

There are many reasons why Uskudar is in high-demand in the Istanbul real-estate market and is yielding high-rental returns. It is a preferred destination for families and retirees. Although its lively atmosphere could be found both during the day and night and it is for this reason why the district is also popular amongst the youth and students.

With a well-thought-out transport network, Uskudar offers countless options for transportation and city commuters—from effortless transfer options to the European side, with a pier where regular car ferries depart from İDO to Sirkeci, motor services via the bridge, or the tunnel, with options such as the undersea railway Marmaray Tunnel, Eurasia Tunnel, along with ferry services from Uskudar to Besiktas, Karakoy, Kabatas, Eminonu and other districts on the European side.

Metro, Metro-bus access points, the Harem Bus Terminal, with options for intercity buses located on the seashore just below the Selimiye Barracks, are some of the other transportation and connection options. The Sabiha Gokcen Airport is also reachable within 40 minutes.

Uskudar is also a district surrounded by excellent amenities, supermarkets, banks, pharmacies, health facilities and hospitals, best-rated schools in the city, international universities, hospitals, large shopping malls, boutique restaurants, cafes, and famous landmarks.

With endless reasons that make Uskudar an ideal location for living, raising a family, or retiring, this hidden gem awaits those who would be fortunate enough to call Uskudar their home.
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Properties for sale in Istanbul Uskudar

$ 495,963
The luxurious residential property with a magnificent Bosphorus view is located in a housing complex in Kandilli.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
210 m2
$ 653,403
Uskudar Cengelkoy's mesmerizing sea-view boutique residential project now has available apartments up for sale with 3+1 to 5+1, including 5+2-duplex options.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
212-573 m2 4-7
$ 826,271
36 months installments
10 % Discount
Luxury apartments in the center of the Altunizade neighborhood in the Uskudar district, near the Bosphorus Bridge
Üsküdar, Istanbul
185-557 m2
$ 692,042
This valuable property is located on the historical peninsula of Salacak, Uskudar, only 200 meters from the sea.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
135 m2
$ 1,656,747
12 months installments
New properties at a convenient location for sale in Uskudar, Istanbul
Üsküdar, Istanbul
294-363 m2
$ 582,584
Delivery on May 2022
48 months installments
Located in one of the most beautiful historical locations within Istanbul, this project offers a variety of apartments for sale with customized payment plans.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
157-384 m2
$ 190,311
Delivery on Jul 2022
High-quality apartments with spacious living areas for sale in an excellent location in Uskudar, Istanbul, ready to move in.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
100-257 m2 3-6
$ 163,783
Delivery on Sep 2021
10 % Discount
Different types of apartments in a complex with rich social facilities for sale in Uskudar Istanbul
Üsküdar, Istanbul
119-205 m2
$ 3,979,239
Private villa with 7 bedrooms in a small gated complex in Uskudar, Istanbul overlooking the Bosphorus
Üsküdar, Istanbul
750 m2 8
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$ 201,096
15 % Discount
Luxurarious houses in Cengelkoy Uskudare for sale
Üsküdar, Istanbul
103-290 m2 2-5
$ 282,584
A new project in an amazing location in Cengelkoy, Uskudar for sale. There are 2+1,3+1,4+1, 5+1 apartments for sale in this project.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
160-442 m2 3-6
$ 135,063
24 months installments
Sold out
10 % Discount
Beautiful new development in Uskudar, one of the oldest districts of Istanbul
Üsküdar, Istanbul
69-660 m2 2-7
$ 109,689
Delivery on Sep 2022
36 months installments
12 % Discount
Invest in an award-winning project in Istanbul with high return on your investment
Üsküdar, Istanbul
46-176 m2 2-5
$ 429,730
12 months installments
This family-oriented complex with a unique atmosphere located in Validebag on the Asian side of Istanbul
Üsküdar, Istanbul
125-440 m2
$ 320,000
Authentic apartment for sale in a historically rich neighborhood in Istanbul center offering nice views of the Bosphorus
Üsküdar, Istanbul
145 m2 4
$ 519,031
This luxury apartment in Istanbul is located on a well-maintained complex in an elite location.
Üsküdar, Istanbul
330 m2 5
$ 296,888
60 months installments
10 % Discount
Excellent development in Istanbul with an A-plus elegant mall, developed by a global brand near
Üsküdar, Istanbul
55-220 m2 2-4
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