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The Belgrad Forest back this wealthy part of Istanbul. Sariyer includes some popular residential areas like Emirgan, Istinye, Tarabya, Yenikoy, Buyukdere, and Bahcekoy. Also, Kilyos, a preferred weekend or summer getaway on the Black Sea Coast, is within the boundaries of Sariyer.

Rumeli Hisari and Rumeli Feneri are the must-see places of interest in Sariyer district.

Also called Roumeli Hissar Castle, this fortress built under the regime of Fatih Sultan Mehmed to control the Bosphorus. That's why it is also called Boğazkesen Castle, which can be translated as "Strait-Cutter Castle." Today the castle is a museum and hosts many open-air concerts during the summer months.

Rumeli Feneri is a lighthouse that is at the entrance to the Bosphorus from the Black Sea. It is the tallest lighthouse in Turkey, and it is still in use. The French built it during the Crimean War. It is believed that the area the lighthouse stands on has also been mentioned in Greek Mythology. The lighthouse is open for visitors. 

Properties for sale in Istanbul Sariyer

$ 3,333,333
Ref: 6552
Who wouldn't want to wake up to this view every day? This villa for sale is offering one of the best Bosphorus views from its 1200 m2 private garden and its terraces.
Sarıyer, Istanbul
480 m2 7
$ 3,800,000
Ref: 6553
This villa with Bosphorus views is located in the prestigious Istinye neighborhood of Istanbul
Sarıyer, Istanbul
950 m2 8
$ 643,939
Ref: 6405
Sarıyer, Istanbul
150 m2 4
$ 148,939
Ref: 6394
Sarıyer, Istanbul
70-144 m2 2
$ 142,576
Ref: 6373
Sarıyer, Istanbul
45 - 331 m2 1-5
$ 1,060,606
Ref: 4785
Sarıyer, Istanbul
276 - 375 m2 5-6
$ 1,550,000
Ref: 4683
Sarıyer, Istanbul
550 m2 8
$ 1,800,000
Ref: 3237
Sarıyer, Istanbul
217 - 511 m2 4-7

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