Unique monumental Ottoman property for sale on the Bosphorus Istanbul

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M2 4000
Rooms 23+4
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This majestic property in Rumeli Fortress of Istanbul, on the Bosphorus, is built on a 4000 sqm land with 27 rooms and 110 m private pier, built in the era of Sultan Abdulhamit.

The 130 years old Zeki Pasha Palace is a second-degree ancient monument located in Rumeli fortress on the European side of Istanbul, confidently sitting on the waterfront of the Bosphorus Strait and under the Fatih Sultan bridge. It was built by the French architect Alexandre Vallaury in the second half of the 19th century for Musir Zeki Pasha, the minister who served the Ottoman Empire in the era of Sultan Abdulhamit II. 

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The majestic mansion accommodates 23 rooms, 4 living rooms, 8 bathrooms, a lift, and a parking lot with a 4-car capacity that could be expanded. The large-scale rooms with ceilings reaching up to 4.5 meters are distributed over 5 floors that are easily commuted to each other. 

This glorious mansion features a baroque style that is theatrical, complex, and unpredictable. Interiors are replete with eye-catching details in every corner, making a statement about the power and grandeur with large-scale decorations, intricately designed fixtures, crystal chandeliers, antique sconces, carpets with rich patterns, high-end furniture with wood carving details, and sofas with curved legs. Baroque-style ceramic stand vases with intricate details are placed on the marble half-columns guarding the doors, and paintings with gilded frames decorate the walls.

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Floors are coated with hardwood flooring, and floor-to-ceiling windows bring the fresh breeze of the Bosphorus into the manor and are in an open conversation with the surroundings. The marble wall fountain embellishes the 4 acres of Japanese-style garden. The facade partially coated with evergreen ivy portrays shark contrast in winter compared to the naked trees in the upscale neighborhood.

Today, the Zeki Pasha Palace garners much attention as a waterfront property with a 110-m pier and 2500 m2 enclosed usable area and features an unmatchable beauty. This invaluable mansion is on the market and a chance in a million, awaiting its future owner.

Unique monumental Ottoman property for sale on the Bosphorus Istanbul 2

This property was published on 25-01-2022.
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