Buying properties on the Asian side of Istanbul

The marvelous city of Istanbul lies on two different continents in which Bosphorus acts as the separator line between the European part and the Asian part.
Each side of Istanbul has its unique identity and amazing soul. Deciding where to buy an apartment in Istanbul depends on where do you prefer to settle down. Do you prefer a more residential region with more locals communities than foreigners?
Then, properties for sale in the Anatolian part will be your first choice.

What features the Anatolian part of Istanbul?

The Anatolian part (which refers to the Asian side of Istanbul) is more residential, less crowded, and less touristic compared to the European part.
The Turkish Identity is dominant in the Asian part. However, it does not mean there is an absence of foreign communities. There are expatriates communities, especially in Kadikoy and Uskudar.

There are many big Turkish and foreign companies, especially in Kadikoy, Uskudar, and Atasehir.
The nature of the Anatolian part is magnificent.  You have several options to pick your house in Istanbul with different views. You may find a luxurious detached house in Beykoz that has a full Bosphorus view. Or, an apartment for sale in Umraniye or Cekmekoy with beautiful forest views.
The most beautiful feature of the Anatolian part is its coast. Alongside its coast, you will enjoy the Islands' view while practicing your favorite sport, having coffee, or enjoying your picnic on the coast parks that are available all the way from Bostanci to Pendik.

What type of properties can you buy on the Asian side of Istanbul?

There are several types available for sale in the Anatolian types, such as commercial, land, office spaces, and residential units.
You will find the option that fits your need and your budget. Areas such as Sultanbeyli, Tuzla, Cekmekoy, and Sancaktepe offer new apartments with good qualities and affordable prices.

For a medium budget, Maltepe and Umraniye may be the best fit with their various options of normal and duplex apartments for sale.
For sea view lovers, you have various options of sea-view properties for sale in Bostanci. There are good options available in Maltepe, Kartal, and Pendik for properties with sea and Island views for sale at reasonable prices.

Suppose you are looking to indulge yourself in luxurious life and enjoying the breath-taking views of the Bosphorus. In that case, Uskudar, Beykoz, and Kadikoy offer great options of villas for sale in Istanbul.

Choose your local agent with a wide experience in Istanbul properties.

As a foreigner, we always advise you to choose your real estate agent wisely. You must look for a local agency that is familiar with Istanbul and its properties. At the same time, you must look for a trustworthy real estate agency.
Turkey expert, for example, has long-term experience with selling Istanbul properties to foreigners and has a team of experts who are ready to assist you in finding the best Istanbul apartment for you.

Please feel free to browse our properties for sale in the Asian part of Istanbul to find your dream house. Here're some links from the popular location of the Asian side of Istanbul:
Published on 2021-03-22
Updated on 2021-03-23