Izmir Alsancak

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For the ultimate Izmir experience and for the best of what Izmir has to offer, it doesn’t get much better than Alsancak. For those who prefer the laid-back cosmopolitan, social lifestyle and to be at the center of culture and entertainment, Alsancak is the place to be. 
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Alsancak, located in the district of Konak in Izmir, is a central cosmopolitan quarter and the city's historical center. It extends along the Gulf of Izmir's southern shores and is well-known for its seaside promenade called “Kordon.”
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Alsancak is a preferred destination of Izmir’s real estate market due to its central location, historical landmarks, high-rental returns, superior local amenities, and great transportation links.  Considered a lively and “fun” district, its bustling streets and nightlife, and the many hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars, discotheques, and countless other entertainment venues are quite popular amongst the youth, ex-pats, and those who prefer a relaxed, joyous, and laidback lifestyle in general.
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Terraced coastline residences adorn this seaside promenade and offer a glimpse of the best of what life in Izmir can offer. Buying an apartment in Alsancak will bring the amazing opportunity to be a part of the Izmir culture at the city center of Alsancak, where you can enjoy your life to the fullest. 

Published on 2021-04-04
Updated on 2021-04-04