Buying property in Turkey legal procedures

Foreigners from almost all countries can purchase a property in Turkey

Foreigners may purchase a property in Turkey in their own names, provided that the properties are not located in military strategic zones.

For this reason, after decided to buy a property, an application is made to the Land Registry Office to start procedures for Military clearance. (this process usually takes 4-6 weeks).

The first thing to start with would be getting a local tax number and opening a bank account in a Turkish Bank. With our assistance you could easily do this on your first day.

The seller of the property and the buyer sign a contract, where price, property details, received deposit, payment schedule  etc. are listed.

For the legal procedures you can take a lawyer or it is possible to give the estate agency a power of attorney for buying / registering the property in your name.

Important: This power of attorney does not include the authorization for selling the property, it is only for buying and transferring the property to your name.

After the military clearance is through, the buyer needs to come for finalizing unless he has left a power of attorney. The new owner of a property will receive a “Title deed” (Tapu) in Turkish. The tapu is the official document proving ownership of a property.

How much are the annual taxes?

You pay 3/1000 of the declared value to the municipality. After you received the deed, you have to apply to the municipality within 4 weeks. If your inscription is delayed, you have to pay a fine (about 10.- Euro)

How much do I pay to the agent?

The official rate to pay is 3% of the purchase price for both the buyer and seller.