How long does it take to purchase a property in Turkey

Property purchase permit (military clearance) for foreign nationals

As a general rule a non-Turkish / foreign national person had to always apply for military clearance when buying a property in Turkey. And this procedure approximately took around 2-3 months. However, these with the latest improvements to the law on May 2012, property purchase procedure is made easier for foreign buyers.

First of all, military clearance is now resulting much quicker, often around 4 weeks (as of publishing this article on December 2014).

Moreover, with an additional clause, there’s a possibility that the foreign buyer doesn’t need to wait for military clearance at all. The condition for this is, there should be another foreign purchaser bought on the same cadastral parcel, and the date of purchase should be after May 2011. If these conditions are met, then the foreign buyer can receive the title deed straight away, without waiting for a permit to purchase the property. 

(17 December 2014, © TurkeyExpert)