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Turkey Expert Real Estate Webinar

Live Project Presentation Istanbul

Our team will be visiting a project in Istanbul and broadcasting it online.

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  • Buying property in Istanbul
  • Turkish Citizenship
Istanbul Real Estate Webinar 2020 Turkey Expert

During this webinar, you'll be able to ask us all your questions about obtaining Turkish Citizenship by buying real estate and buying a property in Istanbul. We'll be presenting a selection of projects in Istanbul. We'll also be explaining the procedure for obtaining Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey. Your questions about property procedures, buying real estate in Istanbul and Turkish Citizenship are welcome!

Presentation 2 July Rama Kanjo

On Thursday (July 2, 2020), Rama Kanjo from our company will be presenting a selection of 2 exciting projects in Istanbul. Don't miss out on this chance to ask all your questions about buying a property in Istanbul.

Webinar Speaker Bassam Kayali