Spacious 4-bedroom apartment for sale in Istanbul Beyoglu with a rooftop terrace

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223 sqm duplex property in the Beyoglu district of central Istanbul, located near amenities and elite schools.

This beautiful 4+1 apartment is situated on the top floor of a repurposed building dating back to the 1850s. It is located in Istanbul Beyoglu near the consulates, art galleries, and elite schools and within walking distance of Karakoy and Galata. The building is part of a larger renovation project that aims to revitalize the urban silhouette of Istanbul in cultural and historical terms. Referred to as one of the signature projects of Istanbul, it merges modern aesthetics with history and 800 square meters of the inner courtyard with gardens so that the culture of the inner courtyard continues to live. However, it is reimagined in a contemporary context. 

Spacious 4-bedroom apartment for sale in Istanbul Beyoglu with a rooftop terrace 0

Regarding the apartment, the top-floor 4 bedroom, spacious housing unit offers a living space of 223 square meters with two bathrooms and an open-plan kitchen opening onto a large rooftop terrace with a striking city view. Though renovated, the main defining bones of the houses are kept intact, staying loyal to their original version. For example, the black-painted exposed wood beams on the vaulted ceiling and chevron pattern wood flooring give you the impression of a space with historical texture and a rustic background. The white-painted walls create a fresh and bright ambiance to suggest a sense of clinic atmosphere without compromising its homey aspects. It can be considered a reference to the building's original identity as a nursing home. The arrow-like chevron patterns implicitly expand the visual scheme on the floor level, guiding you towards the terrace. 

Spacious 4-bedroom apartment for sale in Istanbul Beyoglu with a rooftop terrace 1

The essential furnishing of the apartment regarding the kitchen and bathroom cupboards are compliant with contemporary architectural design features. They have clean lines and sleek finishes that follow today's function-oriented minimal aesthetics. The kitchen is well-appointed with gray-colored flat panel cabinets and a kitchen island paired with gray countertops that lend sophistication. The bathrooms feature double vanities with double washbowls, mirrors, wall sconces, and wet-room-style showers. The identical bathrooms' walls, floors, and countertops are finished with the same material and color to retain integrity. 

When you step on the terrace, what catches your attention is the terracotta-red hues used on the exterior facade and reddish-brown herringbone pattern tiles on the terrace floor, which expertly blend with the Istanbulscape. This terrace opening illuminated by the cottage-style wall sconces ensures a well-developed connection with Istanbul's historical and cultural values rather than mere fresh air.

Spacious 4-bedroom apartment for sale in Istanbul Beyoglu with a rooftop terrace 2

This property was published on 05-05-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Beyoglu

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