Multi-level villa in a gated complex for sale in Istanbul Beykoz

Ref: 10510
M2 500
Rooms 6+2
Garden 800 m2
This 4-floor villa offers ample living space of 500 sqm, in absolute synergy with the spacious garden in one of the most prestigious districts of Istanbul.

The beautiful 500 m2 semi-detached villa with 6 bedrooms distributed over 4 floors is set on private land of 800 m2, accommodating 3 kitchens with different color schemes, a jacuzzi, balconies, 2 living rooms, and a terrace in a site located in the prestigious district Beykoz on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

Multi-level villa in a gated complex for sale in Istanbul Beykoz 0

This white 4-story villa is a fine example of delicately designed luxury living in synergy with its private garden. The ground floor is not elevated on a platform, and thus, it has direct access to the garden through patio doors with wooden beams leading to the open terrace from the main living room. Stacked balconies expand the living space on the upper floors and are supported by the columns on the ground level, creating a shaded outdoor space where the homeowners rest without being exposed to the direct sun. Plus, the exterior columns enhance the villa's architectural style, defining the layout of the terrace and evoking a visual interest.

Multi-level villa in a gated complex for sale in Istanbul Beykoz 1

As you enter the villa, you notice the fresh feeling created by all-white walls, making the interiors look larger and brighter. The hardwood flooring and ceramic tiles as the main flooring materials used throughout the villa switch places, depending on the function of the rooms.

The main U-shaped kitchen is practical and provides ample space in beige cabinets to store kitchen items. The second one is much smaller and features a white-black color scheme. These two kitchens have access to the garden, too, and the all-white bathroom accommodates a jacuzzi and double vanities, making it perfect for larger families. 

Multi-level villa in a gated complex for sale in Istanbul Beykoz 2

The attic is roomy, featuring its minimal kitchen with vivid green cabinetry and a wall-mounted one-legged bar table. The sloping roof doesn't steal anything from the functionality of the room rather creates a sense of coziness and warmth. Thus, it feels like a separate home with a balcony. The enclosed balcony has a triangular glass roof, receiving abundant natural light and making the balcony a great place to watch the sky at night. 

Multi-level villa in a gated complex for sale in Istanbul Beykoz 3

Keeping all these features in mind, without a doubt, for nature lovers seeking a calm life, this 6 bedroom spacious villa is a great place to live in.

This property was published on 06-02-2022.
It was last updated on 13-10-2022.
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