Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Asian side containing restaurants, shops and services

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1+1 66 m2$ 70,427
2+191-137 m2$ 94,453 - $ 142,630
3+1130-146 m2$ 137,831 - $ 153,630
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Government-backed large project including various apartment types, stores, and multiple social facilities in the Asian side of Istanbul.

This luxurious residential compound is a government-guaranteed project located in Pendik on the Asian side of Istanbul, comprising 10 blocks with 884 independent units on 42.000 square meters. It contains apartments of various sizes, multiple social facilities, offices, and retail stores. The offices, stores, and residences are located in separate buildings to distinguish between the development's multiple functions. Also, each block within the complex is positioned with a unique architecture to prevent the buildings from blocking each other and ensure that every block has the island views. The project is in a well-advantaged location near the public transport, only 3 km from the Marmaray station and 5 km to the metro station.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Asian side containing restaurants, shops and services 0

While planning the compound, the project developers prioritized the social needs of the residents and conceived of the minimization of the development's impact on nature. Based on that, sustainable technologies such as a greywater reuse system, garbage separation system, and solar lights are utilized to lessen the impact of the construction, and 76 percent of the land is dedicated to social facilities and landscaping design to promote physical and mental well-being. The social facilities include indoor and outdoor swimming pools, walking paths, a fitness center, a kindergarten, a sauna, and a children's playground. Walking paths emphasize walkability, encouraging pedestrian activities, while stores and other social facilities inspire people to spend more time outdoors.

Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Asian side containing restaurants, shops and services 1

The apartment types range from 1-bedroom compact apartments to more spacious 2 and 3-bedroom flats with balconies, terraces, and gardens. The residents can choose the flat that suits their interests most; they can have good-sized gardens, terraces, or balconies where they can grow their favorite plants. The apartment sizes vary between 66 and 146 m2. In 3+1 apartments, the kitchens are enclosed, while the rest have open-plan kitchens. These smart homes can easily be controlled through a remote control system via an app on the phone to avoid any damage regarding the unnecessary use of water, electricity, and heating system, which, in return, also increases the sustainability aspect of the project. 

Apartments for sale in Istanbul on the Asian side containing restaurants, shops and services 2


Sabiha Gokcen Airport: 12 km
Pendik IDO: 9 km
Pendik Marina: 9 km
Tuzla Marina: 6 km
Marmaray Station: 3 km
Metro Station: 5 km
Close to the malls, hospitals, and schools

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