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A luxurious villa for sale in an elite neighborhood in Istanbul Besiktas, Bebek area

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A spacious luxurious villa in Bebek, Besiktas for sale, with amazing Bosphorus views

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A luxurious villa for sale in an elite neighborhood in Istanbul Besiktas, Bebek area 0

If you are looking for a lavish home in Istanbul's most prestigious area, then this private villa is the perfect fit for you. The villa is located in Bebek, which is well-known for its prestigious lifestyle and elegant social amenities.

What is unique about this villa?

  • The villa has a unique design with spacious areas. It consists of four floors and a large private garden.
  • There are two entrances to the villa. One is the entrance door with an intercom and a secured code, and the other entrance is the car parking entrance.
  • The villa's garden is decorated with pergolas, flowering plant pots, trees and greenery landscape, night lights, and a stoned wall.
  • Inside the villa, there is a marble staircase and an elevator.
  • Different types of lights are used in this villa that adds brightness and a touch of aesthetics, such as LED ceiling lights, wall lights, lamp tables, and chandeliers.
  • The villa has two kitchens, the main kitchen with a small dining area, and built-in furniture and appliances. The second kitchen is an open kitchenette next to a small living room.
  • There are balconies and a garden terrace.
  • On each floor, there is a living area.
  • There are fireplaces.
  • There are a sauna and Jacuzzi.
  • The villa has amazing views of the Bosphorus and the city.

A luxurious villa for sale in an elite neighborhood in Istanbul Besiktas, Bebek area 1

It is ultra-luxurious and has a great location that brings you to one of the most lively coasts in Istanbul within minutes. For further information about the villa, please feel free to contact us.

This property was published on 30-01-2021.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Besiktas

Istanbul Besiktas
Besiktas, a centrally located district in Istanbul on the European side, is considered one of the oldest,  most developed, and popular districts in Istanbul
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