Luxurious triplex villas with sea view for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece, installment plans available

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The semi-detached, elegant villas feature private gardens, pools, and parking lots in a tranquil district away from the city bustle.

The tastefully designed multi-leveled villas are located in a villa complex in Buyukcekmece on the European side of Istanbul, in a serene district home to natural surroundings, fresh air, and sea. Thus, it is ideal for people looking for a semi-detached lifestyle. 

Luxurious triplex villas with sea view for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece, installment plans available 0

The 3-story spacious villas with a living space of 379 m2 accommodate 3 balconies, a separate kitchen, 92 m2 large terrace with sea view, 5 bedrooms ( all masters), 2 living rooms, a 240 m2 private garden, a private pool, and a parking lot with a 2-car capacity.

At first sight of the villas, what draws the attention is the exterior raw surface of the concrete walls softened with the wooden elements attributing a more natural look to the villas and helping them blend naturally and effortlessly with the surroundings.

The second remarkable feature is the floor-to-ceiling windows that keep the villa airy and bright. Those expansive windows seamlessly blend interiors with exterior space. Wooden pergolas on the top-floor shade terrace that offers an unobstructed sea view

Luxurious triplex villas with sea view for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece, installment plans available 1

Once you are in, you realize that the subtle exterior design turns into an elegant and eye-catching interior space. Glossy top-quality marble floorings start in the entryway and continue throughout the apartment, sometimes exchanging places with hardwood flooring. Marble flooring helps light be distributed well, letting it bounce off the floor. You also encounter the extensive use of marble in the door frames and kitchen backsplashes, beautifully coordinating with the rest.

The walls are like a rich catalog of accent walls; every room features a sophisticated design with diverse wood, velvet, and marble combinations. Wall panels with fluted designs repeat throughout the arrangement of the interior space, creating a sense of cohesion and unity. Asides from that, flatwood panels next to slatted ones create a change in texture, playing visual games. Some are cut with geometric distinctions and feature different materials in a circular form, achieving a fragmented and playful look. The neutral color scheme of light gloaming green and beige lets the panels play a major role in the interiors. The curved staircase with an elegant turn connects the floors.

Luxurious triplex villas with sea view for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece, installment plans available 2

The modern square column with a fluted design stands with its timeless ancient beauty, blending perfectly with the arrangement of the living room and combining the ancient and modern in a new architectural style. High-ceilinged rooms aid a spacious feeling, matching the doors and expansive windows sizewise. Generously-sized pendant lights and chandeliers with crystals enjoy this extra space.  

Kitchens are spacious, elegant, kept simple, and well-equipped with cabinetry. Bathrooms feature different color schemes; one is more black-oriented, whereas the other features white, lightly streaked marble tiles and golden touches on the fixtures. In both versions, bathrooms accommodate glass showers and wall-mounted sanitary wares (black or white), keeping the floor spacious and neat. 

The well-tended garden is very peaceful to unwind and relax after a long strenuous day. The wooden deck is partially tucked into the shade on the garden level, making it a perfect place to cool down in the accompaniment of a pool view. 

Luxurious triplex villas with sea view for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece, installment plans available 3

All those details considered, these triplex villas make perfect housing units for families away from the busy city life, allowing occupants to enjoy nature and peacefulness. Additionally, Buyukcekmece is favored among investors since it is a very promising district in terms of investment and housing.

The project's delivery date is 2024, and installment plans are already available for these Buyukcekmece villas, including a 35% downpayment and 30-month installment. 

Additional Details

Floor heating
First-class finishing A+
24/7 security and protection


1 km from E-5 motorway
1.3 km from the sea coast
2 minutes from the nearest mosque and shopping mall
Schools for all levels

It was last updated on 27-10-2023.
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This property is located in Istanbul Buyukcekmece

Istanbul Buyukcekmece
After a stroll on the Sultan Suleyman Bridge (also called the Buyukcekmece Bridge) by the world-known Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, you arrive at more of the impressive historical buildings
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