Tudor-style villa in Istanbul Beykoz with facilities

Ref: 16297
M2 1000
Rooms 6+1
This triplex villa in Istanbul Beykoz with modern, welcoming interiors is in a complex with 3 pools, tennis courts, and a large restaurant.

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Tudor-style villa in Istanbul Beykoz with facilities 0

Set in a villa complex in Istanbul Beykoz, this unique villa of 1000 sqm has a 6+1 layout, including spacious and upscale living spaces with amazing views of the surrounding greeneries. The overall design of the villa was based on European Tudor architecture and the implementation of natural elements.

Tudor-style villa in Istanbul Beykoz with facilities 1

The villa features six bedrooms, one living room, two balconies, a patio, a separate kitchen, 3 bathrooms, and a beautifully landscaped garden. Although the villa’s façade is designed with a Tudor style, the interior is modern and functional, featuring expansive windows with wooden frames, parquet floors, spotlights and decorative lightings, and ceramic tile flooring in the hallways and bathrooms.

Tudor-style villa in Istanbul Beykoz with facilities 2
To minimize the barrier between the garden and the interior, the living room on the ground floor has multiple windows, a lounge with a glass enclosure, and skylights. There is also a fireplace that adds to its warmth and sophisticated style.

The villa complex offers multiple sports facilities, including 3 swimming pools, a children’s pool, 4 tennis courts, and more. There is also a 3 story winter garden and a restaurant with enough space to host 200 guests.

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This property was published on 24-12-2022.
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