Luxury flats with competitive prices in an elegant neighborhood near Tarabya

Ref: 6313
M2 225-255
Rooms 3+1, 4+1

Sariyer, where the Ottoman Empire’s capital was once located, has been housing people from various ethnic backgrounds for centuries. Sariyer is the famous melting pot of Istanbul, attracting people from everywhere under one roof. The area is enriched with culture, and the quality of life is above standard. From ancient mosques to churches and synagogues, it is a travel of choice for lots of foreigners who would like to get a taste of these combined cultures in one place. The neighborhood where the project is located is called Tarabya, and it gets its name from the English word "therapy.” Back in the day, people from all over Istanbul would bring their ailing family members to seek healing due to Tarabya being a very peaceful and beautiful location. 

The peerless Bosphorus views and the magnificent nature is what the 16.200 m2 land project is surrounded by. 8.600 m2 of land is purely dedicated to the landscape and social areas. There are 25 selective garden duplexes and 25 roof duplexes and a luxurious villa inside the property. The project draws a considerable amount of attention with its current competitive prices to the rest of the market. 

There are many well-known fish restaurants and taverns around the neighborhood that gives Tarabya its fame in the night-life. Inside the premises, a variety of social activities are available to the home-owners. A swimming pool, sauna, steam room, children's playground, fitness center, sunbathing areas, and a closed parking lot are some of the amenities the project offers to its home-owners. For a limited time only, the construction company has lowered its prices and, the current prices are very competitive and advantageous in the market compared to similar alternatives in the area.

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This property was published on 01-11-2019.
It was last updated on 18-01-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Sariyer

Istanbul Sariyer
While there are many districts in Istanbul that are considered quite sought after and desirable, if there is one district that tops them all, it would be the district of Sariyer
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