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Spacious villa with a private garden and swimming pool for sale in Istanbul Sile

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M2 800
Rooms 8+2
Garden 5000 m2
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The spacious villa has a large garden with patios, seating areas, and an attached maid house.

We have a sizable private villa in Sile, the Anatolian part of Istanbul, with a large private garden, an outdoor swimming pool, and a maid house for sale. Being located in Sile, one of Istanbul's summer resorts makes it suitable as a holiday house to escape the hot summer days and busy streets to relax in this spacious house.

Spacious villa with a private garden and swimming pool for sale in Istanbul Sile 0

The house consists of two floors and an additional roof floor with a terrace.

There are eight rooms, two living rooms, nine bathrooms, an elevator, and a kitchen.

The garden floor has large patios surround the whole floor and overlooks the outdoor swimming pool. And it has ceiling fans. The garden patios have different seating arrangements of various types, sizes, and designs. Around the pool also you will have an option to sit, enjoy a drink, or quality time with family and friends. 

The Private outdoor L-shape swimming pool is decorated with palm trees and pine trees.

The backyard of the garden has a sports field good for volley or football. You are surrounded by greenery views all around the garden, which has resting areas, swing chairs to relax in the middle of nature.

The first floor has a large terrace with amazing views.

The roof floor has a small area for storage and a large bedroom with a TV sitting area that opens up to the terrace.

This villa provides a comfortable stay with its spacious and comfortable design. You will enjoy large areas with high ceilings and good building materials, alongside with underground heating system and a Turkish bath.

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This property was published on 20-06-2021.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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