Villas for sale in Istanbul Sile in a complex with facilities

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This 4+1 villa embodies modernized village life, offering a living experience enveloped by nature.

This project is constructed on 6.182.92 m2 and consists of 7 blocks and 26 independent units/villas. These 26 villas are either duplex or triplex with their private garden, fireplace, and private parking lot. Some also have an attic story. Located within 10 km from the beaches and in the Northern Marmara forests, it offers a modernized village life with multi-purpose stone rooms. It's totally up to future owners what to do with these stone rooms. In the project, they are planned as hobby rooms. 

Villas for sale in Istanbul Sile in a complex with facilities 0

While the sizes of the villas vary approximately between 270 m2 and 400 m2, 6,182 m2 of the area is dedicated to social facilities, including a children's playground, basketball field, decorative pool, indoor pool, outdoor fitness areas, and outdoor parking lots. The reserved area for the garden changes between 12 m2 and 30 m2. If the potential buyers need a larger garden, they can decide accordingly. What is more, the project has a very detailed security system, including an audio system, security cameras, and a secured entrance. Additionally, Turkey's recent fire-protection and earthquake regulations are followed. In short, every detail is well-thought-out and applied with high-quality materials to offer you a comfortable life.

Property Features:

First-class ceramic laying ( Vitra, Canakkale, Kütahya or equaling)
Thermal and sound isolations 
Camsan Brand parquet with 10 mm thickness
TSE and EN standards are followed in electric installations.
Generators are used to lighten the common areas. Also, the whole electric system is getting resources from the generator.
Suspended ceiling with satin plaster ceiling paint
Water reservoir
AC in the living rooms and AC infrastructure for one-bedroom
Irrigation system
Application of water-based or satin paint on integrated gypsum plaster and satin plaster via machine ( Polisan, Filli paint, etc.)

Villas for sale in Istanbul Sile in a complex with facilities 1


 Ceramic is preferred for floor layings. Depending on the balcony's architectural design, railing, wrought iron frames, or timber is used. 

Bathroom Details:

Special design bathroom cupboard
Lighting LED panel
Special design built-in shower cabin with tempered glass shower-cabin door
Ducking shower system
Moisture resistant ceiling coating
Water-based ceiling painting
Towel rails and toilet paper roll holders
First-class vitrification
Built-in reservoir ( Vitra or equaling)

Kitchen Details:

Faucet: Vitra /Artema/ ECA or Adell Brand or equaling
Accesoires: Blum, Cebi, Hafele and Samet Brand
Marble and granite countertops- special design for the project
3 part-set hood fume ( to be installed): Siemens- Arçelik Brand or equaling


You are surrounded by one of the largest untouched fauna and embraced by nature. If you would like to go to beaches and camping areas, you have many options. Additionally, there are restaurants, markets, public schools and universities, and a public hospital in the immediate area. 

Villas for sale in Istanbul Sile in a complex with facilities 2

Sofular Beach: 1,6 km
Sofular Public Beach: 800 m
Ayazma Beach: 16 km
Yeni Sile Public Hospital:8,8 km
FMV Isik University:6,9 km


This property was published on 18-10-2021.
It was last updated on 15-12-2021.
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