New hotel for sale in Istanbul Karakoy center

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The brand-new hotel features 12 rooms with modern architecture, located in a central location in Istanbul Karakoy.

This newly built hotel is located in Karakoy in a central location within a minutes distance from the most popular historic and cultural districts of Istanbul, serving the city as a transport hub. The hotel accommodates 12 rooms measuring 25 m2, offering one of the finest examples of contemporary architecture tinged with nostalgic elements. 

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The street level of the hotel houses a cafe bar featuring a well-curated and sophisticated design with an industrial subtext. Black counters are paired with modern black counter stools, and wooden accent applications add much-needed warmth and texture. The layered lighting, including spotlights, pendants, wall sconces, and LED strip lighting, brings just the right amount of depth and dimension, and the floors have a gloss finish to let the light bounce off the ground for a sense of playfulness.

Going inside the rooms, what greets guests is mid-century-inspired orb lighting fixtures, wood-slatted accent walls, ceilings with plasterboard finish and LED strip lighting, and large round mirrors. This way, the hotel manages to preserve a continuity of the color and material palette and a cohesive look throughout. Additionally, floral patterned wallpapers inside the rooms and an enriched color palette with pops of yellow and oranges add a sense of coziness, developing a sense of intimacy between the guests and the rooms.

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The rooms accommodate beds, a TV unit, an air conditioning system, a mirror, and a chest of drawers with a coat rack frame, leading to the bathrooms and the balconies through glass patio doors. Bathrooms house wet-room-style showers, a black vanity, and a round-shaped mirror.

More about the hotel itself- It is built in compliance with the fire regulation and is equipped with an elevator, offering an easy connection between the floors. Overall, it offers a cozy atmosphere with sophisticated layered features, providing an upscale ambiance for guests and a great investment opportunity for investors.

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This property was published on 23-07-2022.
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