Large gas station for sale in Istanbul Basaksehir

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M2 2602

We have a gas station in Basaksehir with a construction area of 2,602 m2 over a total land of 4,065. This station is considerably new, it was opened in 2018, and it has eight islands with 48 pumps.

Further insights about the gas station

  • The daily sales are 25.000 liters.
  • There is a lease contract for five years of 320.000 TL monthly rental income.
  • There are four shops of 100m2 each available for rent in this station. The average monthly rental income for these shops ranges from 8.000 to 9.000 TL.
  • This gas station is also a good option for Turkish Citizenship.

Basaksehir, or as many refer to it as the new Istanbul, is a large district on the European side of Istanbul. Basaksehir has successes in attracting real estate buyers and investors to the area with its modern infrastructure that can be seen on its highways, health centers, public transportation, educational institute, and much more.

For these reasons, Basaksehir is considered among the top best areas in terms of real estate investments.

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Last updated on 07-05-2021
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This property is located in Istanbul Basaksehir

Istanbul Basaksehir
New Istanbul Airport The opening of New Istanbul Airport (the biggest international airport in the world) on the northern side of Basaksehir increased the value of the real estate in the region additionally
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Turkish Lira exchange rate, 04 October 2021 1 USD=8.87, 1 EUR=10.30, 1 GBP=12.05
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