Turkish Citizenship offer on a spacious commercial property in Istanbul, Gaziosmanpasa

Ref: 11432
M2 500
This 500 m2 commercial property in Istanbul comes with a 3-year rental contract with a corporate tenant and the possibility to apply for Citizenship.

Located in Gaziosmanpasa, one of the most vibrant locations on the European side of Istanbul, this commercial property with a 500 m2 size is available for Turkish Citizenship. By purchasing this property, you are eligible to apply for one Turkish Citizenship, and the balance can remain in another citizenship portfolio until it reaches the minimum amount, which is 400,000 USD

Since the expertise report of the shop is ready, the buyers can apply for the Turkish citizenship program immediately. 

This property is rented by Bim, a well-known retail chain store in Turkey, and a 3-year rental income is guaranteed. Investors of this property would receive a 360,000 TL annual rental income (paid in advance) while this rental rate is subjected to an increase in the coming years based on annual inflation. 

To acquire more information about buying property and obtaining Citizenship in Turkey, please don't hesitate to contact us.

This property was published on 05-07-2022.
It was last updated on 23-07-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Gaziosmanpasa

Istanbul Gaziosmanpasa
Gaziosmanpasa is close to highways and main roads, which make it easily accessible by public transportation
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