Petrol station for sale in Istanbul Umraniye

Ref: 20159
A petrol station in Istanbul is for sale in a high-traffic location in the Umraniye district.

We offer you a gas station or sale in Istanbul Umraniye that presents a lucrative opportunity. This gas station features 4 pumps and 32 gas pump guns, offering customers a convenient and efficient refueling experience. Located in a prime area, it attracts a steady flow of customers.

Petrol station for sale in Istanbul Umraniye 0

Daily, the gas station witnesses profitable sales figures. The average daily sales range between 19,000 and 23,000 liters of gasoline and diesel combined, indicating a high demand for these fuels. Additionally, the station sells an average of 3,500 liters of gas per day, catering to customers who use this alternative fuel option.

In terms of revenue, the gas station generates significant daily sales. The daily income falls within the range of 23,000 to 25,000 Turkish Lira. This suggests a consistent customer base and a strong potential for profitability.

This gas station in Istanbul Umraniye presents an attractive investment opportunity. With its strategic location, a sizable number of gas pump guns, and impressive daily sales figures, it has the potential to yield substantial returns for the prospective buyer.

This property was published on 17-11-2023.
It was last updated on 23-11-2023.
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