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Detached new house for sale in Zekeriyakoy Sariyer

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M2 1000
Rooms 4+1
This 4+1 home in Sariyer offers a comfortable living space with a spacious garden near the Belgrad forest, in an elite area of Istanbul.

The beautiful duplex villa is located in Zekeriyakoy on the European side of Istanbul. It is near the Belgrad Forest, beautiful greeneries, and one of Istanbul's most prestigious private universities. This two-story 4+1 villa is set on 1000 m2, offering a peaceful and upscale atmosphere to settle in. It accommodates 4 bathrooms, a shaded porch, and a spacious garden

Detached new house for sale in Zekeriyakoy Sariyer 0

Two levels of the villa are connected both inside and outside. The staircase on the porch leads to the upper floor's balcony, helping navigation outdoors. The spacious garden offers an excellent spot to unwind, and those who love to have a water body in the backyard can build a pool as the garden is wide enough.

You get greeted by a tastefully-designed interior space as you enter the villa. Every element works harmoniously to execute a well-curated design, including the checkerboard floor tiles, raised-panel wainscoting wall designs, and white fireplace exuding elegance. Door-free openings that connect the shared rooms develop visual connectivity and a sense of intimacy that suits the cozy and elegant ambiance.

Detached new house for sale in Zekeriyakoy Sariyer 1

Further inside the villa, the enclosed kitchen offers you butcher block countertops and gloss-finish white flat-front cabinets, borrowing from contemporary and Scandinavian styles. The bathroom houses dark wood floating shelves and a bathtub with a glass enclosure. Both floors feel bright and airy, receiving a great amount of natural light thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and dialogue with the surrounding environment through the balconies and porch.

Detached new house for sale in Zekeriyakoy Sariyer 2

This property was published on 01-06-2022.
It was last updated on 22-06-2023.
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This property is located in Istanbul Sariyer

Istanbul Sariyer
While there are many districts in Istanbul that are considered quite sought after and desirable, if there is one district that tops them all, it would be the district of Sariyer
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