Building for sale with an amazing view of the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul Beykoz

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This beautiful property is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul in the district of Beykoz which is considered to be a great living area if you want to stay close to nature. This property is a 3-storey building situated right in front of the magnificent black sea, offering amazing views. Not only can you get to see and feel the roaring sea, you can also get a view of the Bosphorous Bridge which is a famous landmark in Istanbul. 

The structure of the building:

  • 2 floors of this 3-storey building are occupied by restaurants
  • 1 floor is occupied by offices
  • 2 apartments of size 2 + 1

This property that is located in such a unique location with a magnificent view, is a great opportunity for investors as the rental income is quite high. This building is built in a decent neighborhood and is situated at a very advantageous location that is close to to several hotels, restaurants, schools and other social amenities; you can even try the restaurants in the building itself and enjoy an evening overlooking the bridge.

This property is the first choice for people who want to live close to nature and have great amenities at the same time. The strategic location of this property and of course the lovely view of the bridge is what attracts most people to this site.   

This property was published on 08-06-2020.
It was last updated on 01-04-2021.
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This property is located in Istanbul Beykoz

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