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The 100 sqm commercial property in Avcilar offers a high rental income with a 3-year guarantee and is eligible for the Turkish Citizenship portfolio.

The 100 m2 shop is in the Avcilar district of Istanbul, leased to a pharmacy with a 3-year guarantee, offering a monthly rental income of 17000 TL.

The property is suitable for Turkish Citizenship completion. It means you can add it to your portfolio and once your investment value reaches $400,000, you will be eligible for Turkish Citizenship. It is important to note that the Expertise report of the property is also ready

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This property was published on 02-02-1999.
It was last updated on 11-01-2024.
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This property is located in Istanbul Avcilar

Istanbul Avcilar
Located on the European side of Istanbul, Avcılar is adjacent to Esenyurt, Beylikdüzü, Başakşehir districts, surrounded by the Kucukcekmece district in the east, Esenyurt to the west, and Başakşehir to the north
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