Modern apartments for sale in Istanbul near Basaksehir

M2 93-144
Age of the property 0
Rooms 2+1
Price in seller's currency : 1.478.000 ₺
Discount 15%
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Situated on 120.000 square meter land, this project is one of the most well-known constructions in the area that has dedicated most of its availability to the green. Located in the center of most of the connection roads of Istanbul, being very close to some qualified hospitals, botanical gardens, the project offers a new way of life in the middle of the city, and it is also very close to the new Istanbul airport. 

Plenty of social activities promise the residents a relaxing and enjoyable time on-site. Amenities include a spectacular landscape with a waterfall, a 1.5 km jogging area, workshops, swimming pools for each gender, spa, Turkish bath, fitness center, and open fitness courts. There are also restaurants, cafeterias, and shops. 

First phase of the project is completed. Second phase will be ready for delivery on June 2021.

The complex has been gathering a lot of attention from local investors due to its location, modern infrastructure, green areas, and easy access to transportation. We also offer various payment plans with up to 48 monthly installments, and the apartments are ready to be moved in right away.

Last updated on 17-03-2021

Price List

Floor planPrice
2+1$ 175,534
Delivery on Jun 2021
24 months installments
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Turkish Lira exchange rate, 27 May 2021 1 USD=8.42, 1 EUR=10.28, 1 GBP=11.90

This property is located in Istanbul Basaksehir

Istanbul Basaksehir
New Istanbul Airport The opening of New Istanbul Airport (the biggest international airport in the world) on the northern side of Basaksehir increased the value of the real estate in the region additionally
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