Deluxe new apartments in Istanbul Topkapi containing a shopping mall

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M2 68-266
Rooms 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 4.5+1, 5+1
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The new project at the heart of Istanbul introduces a compact micro-city with a hotel, shopping street, parks, residential blocks and more in a green neighborhood.

The new Topkapi project at the heart of Istanbul offers a new lifestyle with modern architecture and a biophilic design, high-quality construction, and large green areas consisting of residential apartments, a business center, a shopping street, a world-class hotel, academic apartments, and a wellness center, clinic, and medical residence. One of the world-famous London architects, Chapman Taylor, has contributed to the project by designing this mixed-use development to introduce a new ecosystem to Topkapi, Istanbul, and building a compact micro-city with a hotel, streets, parks, and residential blocks in a green neighborhood. 

Deluxe new apartments in Istanbul Topkapi containing a shopping mall 0

The project houses 1441 apartments in 16 residential blocks, varying sizes between 70 and 210 m2, while their heights range from 5 to 15 floors. Each apartment features one of the following: a balcony, garden, or terrace, where residents can connect with the surroundings without leaving their homes. Floor-to-ceiling windows admit a great amount of natural light into the interiors, lessening the dependency on artificial light. High-ceilinged rooms reaching up to 3.05 meters achieve a sense of spaciousness.

Deluxe new apartments in Istanbul Topkapi containing a shopping mall 1

The modern arrangement of the interior space features marble and timber accent walls, transforming boring walls into exciting visual focal points and making them expressive. The neutral color scheme creates a soothing ambiance, with hardwood flooring that adds warmth. Every room features an air conditioning unit; a multi-split air conditioning system replaces old-style radiators.

Internal courtyards, outdoor sports facilities, an outdoor swimming pool, and a park with a meandering ornamental pool that embeds every shade of green encourage mental and physical relaxation. The project developers reinterpreted the centuries-old courtyard concept in a modern style, creating a perfect place to socialize and benefit from increased natural cross-ventilation.

Deluxe new apartments in Istanbul Topkapi containing a shopping mall 2

Also, cafes, restaurants, and fancy stores are at occupants' fingertips. The brightly-lit atrium of the shopping mall with a skylight lets natural light penetrate every corner of the mall, promoting visual connectivity across all levels and an omnichannel shopping experience.

The reinforced concrete buildings are holistically integrated with greeneries in a biophilic environment, allowing residents to benefit from the elements of water, earth, and air at a maximum level. The project's amenities and parks cater to the needs of everybody of every age in this beautifully crafted and generous ecosystem. In this exquisite, vibrant living center, the well-planned residential units offer a perfect apartment for everybody, including singles, couples, and large families. 

Deluxe new apartments in Istanbul Topkapi containing a shopping mall 3

The project's delivery date is 2023, and special offers and installment plans are available, including a 30% downpayment, 70% in 24 months, and an 8% discount for foreign customers.


Direct access to the highway
10 minutes walk to the tram, metro, Metrobus, and Marmaray stations

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