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Istanbul Real Estate Market

Turkey's real estate market has been snowballing, especially in Istanbul, which is the financial and cultural hub of the country. With more people moving into this glamorous city, property values will continue to increase in the coming years. Since Istanbul is one of the most lucrative markets for buying property, construction companies are competing with each other to make some of the most luxurious residential apartments for potential buyers; this has given investors a chance to choose from different varieties of properties to buy. Whether you are looking for budget apartments that are affordable and have easy installments or luxury apartments with great views of the sea and city, you can find it all right here in Istanbul!

Istanbul Real Estate

What type of properties can you find in Istanbul?

Are you looking to buy a real estate in Istanbul and wonder what type of properties are available to buy? Buying property in investment can sometimes be a complex formula; you need to overweight your wishes and make decisions following your heart, brain, or sometimes both! Are you after a pure investment or a pure lifestyle when buying a property? This will be an essential point to decide.

Affordable low priced apartments in Istanbul

Istanbul's developing districts, such as Esenyurt and Bahcesehir, are home to affordable new build properties in Istanbul. The new complexes in these districts are affordable and offer facilities, such as swimming pool, spa, and concierge services. Beylikduzu is another district that offers excellent new build properties. Depending on the location, prices in Beylikduzu tend to be higher than Esenyurt.

Istanbul Apartments with Sea Views

Turkey is endowed with natural beauty and modernity at the same time, with Istanbul being at the peak of this beauty. With the Black Sea located right in front of the city, properties in Istanbul have a high value. You can find rare beachfront apartments where you can enjoy the view of the water right from your bedroom window or choose to invest in top-floor apartments in tall buildings to enjoy the horizon's view. Properties in Istanbul often compete with one another depending on the view of the sea, hence playing a considerable role in the value of the property. Some of these apartments also come with a view of the iconic Bosphorus Bridge, which is considered to be exquisite.

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Property for sale in Istanbul

$ 93,525
Delivery on Aug 2020
12 months installments
10 % Discount
Residential Istanbul apartments for sale in the authentic Topkapi area
The homes are centrally located in the Istanbul European side, at the popular Topkapi, they offer all the comfort to raise your living standards.
Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
80-163 m2 2-4
$ 78,115
Delivery on Dec 2020
24 months installments
Turkish Citizenship special offer, 4 apartments with rental guarantee in Istanbul
With buying an apartment on this Istanbul project and our citizenship package, you can get your Turkish passport and earn rental income at the same time.
Başakşehir, Istanbul
48-171 m2 1-3
$ 683,453
This charming hotel is located only a short walk to the beach and hosts many holidaymakers from Istanbul throughout the year.
Adalar, Istanbul
500 m2 29
$ 7,194,245
The villa offers a spacious, luxurious living area with private land in Istanbul and has iconic Bosphorus views from the garden and the rooms
Beşiktaş, Istanbul
750 m2 9
$ 604,317
Two investment properties for sales in a shopping center in Beylikduzu, they're suitable for a Turkish Citizenship application and come with a rental guarantee
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
90-135 m2 2
$ 72,806
Delivery on Jan 2021
15 % Discount
Investment suites and residences in Beylikduzu Istanbul
These investment apartments in Istanbul with facilities promise an excellent capital return. Hurry up to profit from the last units with a payment plan.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
60-360 m2 2-7
$ 755,396
Buy to let investment property for sale in Istanbul with 5 years rental guarantee
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
65 m2
$ 100,000
10 % Discount
Attractive residential properties for sale, suitable for investment in Istanbul, Merter district
You can expect a good capital gain on these properties located in a good area, build with modern architecture.
Güngören, Istanbul
64-145 m2 2-4
$ 207,849
24 months installments
High-end seafront apartments in Istanbul on a unique project
The unique design allows all apartments to enjoy incredible sea views from their spacious balconies.
Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
70 - 392 m2 2-6
$ 77,604
10 % Discount
Low priced apartments for sale in a new project, Istanbul Esenyurt
The development aims to offer not only a luxury apartment but also a living space where you will want to spend time pleasantly and peacefully.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
84-280 m2 2-5
$ 543,885
This investment property offers 5 years of rental guarantee, it's suitable for the Turkish Citizenship application as well.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
95-240 m2
$ 76,259
12 months installments
10 % Discount
Modern, family-oriented project with open-air shopping concept near Istanbul Halkali
Küçükçekmece, Istanbul
97-156 m2 2-4
$ 453,237
This shop has been rented out to a well-known fast-food chain and its rental is guaranteed for the coming 5 years. It also allows you to apply for a Turkish passport.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
53 m2
$ 107,914
18 months installments
10 % Discount
Completed apartments for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece
The sea view apartments are situated on the European Istanbul in one of the districts that increase in value most. They are nearly completed and suitable for citizenship.
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
121-254 m2 3-5
$ 815,827
Buying this commercial store in Istanbul guarantees a rental income and it also provides the possibility to apply for Turkish citizenship.
Beylikdüzü, Istanbul
100 m2 3
$ 122,446
12 months installments
10 % Discount
Commercial units for sale in Istanbul on a shopping mall
The shops for sale are located in Bagcilar Istanbul, where 750.000 people are living and working. With its excellent location, it is promising a good capital growth and rental income.
Bağcılar, Istanbul
100-990 m2 3-4
$ 76,691
36 months installments
Istanbul properties for sale in the university district at the European side, investment potential
The flats and penthouse apartments are located in Avcilar, a central district on the European Istanbul, close to universities, public transportation, and the sea.
Avcılar, Istanbul
52-176 m2 2-4
$ 39,856
These one-bedroom flats for sale in Istanbul have highly competitive prices. These cheap Istanbul properties can be a nice buy-to-let investment.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
44-86 m2 2
$ 77,604
Delivery on Dec 2020
18 months installments
Investment residential properties for sale in Istanbul
By buying a property in Istanbul on this site, you will open your doors to a luxurious and peaceful life close to the center
Esenyurt, Istanbul
95-185 m2 2-4
$ 127,482
Delivery on Nov 2020
12 months installments
8 % Discount
New build properties for sale in Istanbul with many facilities and comfortable living solutions
These apartments in Istanbul near the metro station will allow you to enjoy Istanbul in a green and tranquil home while having easy access to the busy center
Eyüp, Istanbul
64-164 m2 2-4
$ 424,460
This commercial property in Istanbul is rented to a supermarket chain, which makes it a good investment and citizenship opportunity at the same time.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
280 m2 3
$ 42,086
The prices of the apartments on this new project in Istanbul are very competitive. You have beautiful Istanbul city views, green areas, and many facilities on-site.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
65-285 m2 2-5
$ 51,799
These bargain-priced apartments in Istanbul come with many social facilities on-site, and they have an excellent location with good transportation links.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
72-165 m2 2-4
$ 160,000
Delivery on Dec 2020
10 % Discount
Modern and central properties for sale in Istanbul near the metro station
Apartments in Istanbul for sale in Kagithane district designed by a well-known architect in Turkey
Kağıthane, Istanbul
60-198 m2 2-4
$ 49,640
24 months installments
Student rooms for sale in Istanbul next to the university with high rental return
These investment properties in Istanbul vary in sizes and are for sale in Istanbul Esenyurt. They come with a rental guarantee and citizenship packages.
Esenyurt, Istanbul
32-84 m2 1-2
$ 561,151
This villa in Istanbul is promising you a comfortable life with its 1000 m2 garden, private swimming pool, sauna, and six bedrooms
Başakşehir, Istanbul
375 m2 7
$ 402,878
This income-generating shop in Istanbul has a supermarket chain as a tenant with a rental contract for 10 years
Büyükçekmece, Istanbul
400 m2 3
$ 110,791
Delivery on Dec 2020
36 months installments
New apartments for sale along Basin Ekspres Road in Istanbul
Buying a new apartment in Istanbul Bagcilar will bring all that Istanbul has to offer closer to you with the excellent public transportation links the area has
Bağcılar, Istanbul
68-175 m2 2-4
$ 3,165,468
Who wouldn't want to wake up to this view every day? This villa for sale is offering one of the best Bosphorus views from its 1200 m2 private garden and its terraces.
Sarıyer, Istanbul
480 m2 7
$ 158,273
Delivery on Sep 2021
18 months installments
Rental guaranteed student housing in Istanbul for sale
The project is located close to several universities in Istanbul and is offering student homes for sale with a rental guarantee together with citizenship options
Kağıthane, Istanbul
50-75 m2 4-6

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