Istanbul Construction Investment Project

Ref: 7466
M2 25851
Price in seller's currency : 55.000.000 ₺
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All permits are approved, the project is ready to start. Buyer(s) will take over the existing company with its assets containing the land and the permit. The project is situated in an interesting location surrounded by large media companies.

Main Project Metrics

Total residential area: 15,582 m2
Commercial areas on the ground floor: 1531 m2
1st Basement floor commercial: 2687 m2
2nd Basement floor warehouse: 3118 m2
3rd Basement floor warehouse: 952 m2
Enclosed social facilities: 758 m2
Open social facilities: 1224 m2
Car park / Technical / Shelter: 13,094 m2
Total constructed area: 38,945 m2

The total sellable area is 25,851 m2

Building Costs and Sales Projections (in Turkish Lira)

(We are able to provide the calculation details upon request)

Land  + Project + Initial Works72.145.0522 TL
Total Sales (Residentials + Commercials)306.819.750 TL
Total Construction Costs66.081.300 TL
Profit168.693.298 TL

In summary, the project is generating a turnover of 306.000.000 TL and making 168.000.000 TL profit.

Payment Terms
55.000.000 TL sales price. There's an existing bank credit line of 12.000.000TL. 43 million TL will be required upfront, and the remaining 12 million will be paid back to the bank in installments. Buyer(s) will take over the company with the land and project permit.

We're able to provide much more detailed information, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Last updated on 05-02-2021
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