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Hotel for sale in Istanbul Cihangir

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M2 750
Rooms 21
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The brand new, licensed 8-floor modern hotel building accommodates 21 rooms with a total internal area of 750 m2 in the popular Cihangir district of Istanbul.

The newly build and licensed hotel with 8 floors is located in the Cihangir neighborhood, the heart of Istanbul. Commercial property is accommodating fully-furnished 21 rooms  with a total enclosed area of 750 m2. 

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You can own a hotel in one of the most popular and prestigious districts of Istanbul, which is celebrated for its bohemian spirit, antique shops, fancy cafes, art galleries, and museums. Each corner of the Cihangir district is loaded with historical and cultural subtexts that draw the attention of tourists from all around the world. 

About the Hotel Rooms

Each room is well-equipped with modern furnishing items, featuring a light-gray and white color palette that creates a soothing atmosphere to start and finish the day. The rooms feature beds with headboards, a mini-kitchen, floating shelves for smart storage solutions, an LG TV unit, a floor-to-ceiling cabinet, and a coffee table paired with two comfortable cushioned chairs.

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The bathrooms are equipped with a walk-through shower, floating vanity, and medicine cabinet with a mirror. The floors are clad with non-slip tiles throughout the rooms, and the ceilings are finished with plasterboard and spotlights that distribute the light evenly throughout the hotel rooms. Also, inside the rooms, a slatted-wood accent wall provides subtle privacy, distinguishing the bedroom part from the kitchen and sitting area.

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This property was published on 02-02-1999.
It was last updated on 27-07-2023.
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