Boutique hotel for sale in Izmir Karaburun

Ref: 10450
M2 650
Rooms 10
This 650 m2 mansion-hotel sits on an elevated position at the breakpoint of the historic Ephesus-Mimas hiking route, offering majestic mountain and sea views.

The beautiful mansion converted into a hotel is perched on a mounted position at the breakpoint of the historic Ephesus-Mimas hiking route and sits upon a small hill in the middle of an ancient Turkish village and an abandoned Greek settlement. It is set on 6.5 acres of land, consisting of  2 main buildings with 10 rooms that cover an area of 650 m2 in total. Thanks to the elevated position, the property has the privilege of benefiting from the majestic sea and mountain views

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This beautiful rustic hotel with high ceilings has ample space and is bright, with light entering from the balcony offering a stunning landscape view. More natural light is gained from the roof windows. The main lounge area with an open plan kitchen and dining area features an antique wood-burning stove, reminding the guests of the village life. As for the ground, rustic laminate flooring runs into the ceramic tiles towards the kitchen zone that features blue kitchen cabinetry. Behind the seating area, the wooden staircase leads to the upstairs, where the rooms are. 

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The rooms are spacious and only equipped with key furniture. Antique wooden diwan, bedside tables, and commodes with mirrors populate the hotel rooms alongside the eye-catching wooden sculptures by the acclaimed wood carving artist Ayhan Tomak. The wood furniture features intricate wood grains and sophisticated design patterns, making them pure artworks. The rooms open to balconies, where you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the range of mountains and sea. In addition, the generous patio doors and floor-to-ceiling glass windows offer a full view, merging the interior with nature.

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Bathrooms feature walk-in showers and wooden vanities with open shelving and extraordinary designs. 

The overall hotel design combines stones and wood as two main materials that come from the heart of nature. Wooden doors and windows, flat wooden ceilings, and wooden staircase attribute warmth and texture to the interiors, creating a soothing atmosphere. Stones are used outdoors, bordering the property; a well-tended garden embellished with beautiful plants fenced by stone walls beautifies your day.

The white walls and the wooden windows with stained glass on the top part and a blue frame as an exterior layer breathe history. Blue is employed throughout the hotel, including seat cushions, the canopy roof, door framing, kitchen cabinetry, and flower pots, reflecting the spirit of the Mediterranean.

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Traditional rugs decorate the ceramic-coated floors, and all those details elevate the rooms' and the hotel's overall ambiance and create a homely atmosphere.

As for more technical details, solar panels and heat pumps are installed. Aside from that, the hotel mansion has a licensed cafe and restaurant. If you would like to expand the range of the social facilities, there is enough space to construct a pool and tennis court. Also, the enclosed area that combines two major buildings accommodates extra space if you wish to build entertainment rooms, a spa, or an indoor pool.

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In all versions, this beautiful hotel with 10 rooms guarantees a memorable life experience and encourages mental and physical relaxation in a village setting only 10 minutes to the beach. 


  • Izmir center 75 km
  • Karaburun 15 km
  • Mordogan 6 km
  • Near Catalkaya Village
  • 10 minutes to the beach

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