M2 73-194
Rooms 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1
Price in seller's currency : 1.425.000 ₺
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The new project is located in a good location, Eyup district, Istanbul. It is close to a transportation connection point that connects this area to almost all Istanbul districts. It is closely located on the TEM highway.

This project is unique in its designs and facilities. It is a good chance for investment as well as starting your new life in Istanbul. This project features a new small city within Istanbul; it has 17 buildings, 2294 apartments, social amenities, sports facilities, a green landscape, seating areas, and much more.

What makes this project a good choice to consider?

  • Its location. It is close to several public transport lines, such as the Eminuno-ALikbeykoy line, the Geyrettepe-Seyrantepe subway line, the Mecidiyekoy-Mehmutbey subway line, and the new airport's intersection.
  • It is within 7km to Levent & Malsak, 9.9km to FSM Bridge, 12km to Bosphorus Bridge, 11km to Taksim, 32km to Istanbul airport.
  • It has different types of apartments, from 1+1 to 4+1, with different sizes and plans.
  • It is an eco-friendly project with 50% of its size in green landscapes, recycled materials, waste planning, and energy efficiency.
  • It is designed to ensure the children's full needs with its children facilities provided such as children's playgrounds, treehouses, American Indian tents, playing cave, sand pool, climbing wall, kids' club, etc...
  • It is designed to provide maximum comfort for its residents with its sports facilities such as outdoor swimming with beach, children's swimming pool, beach volleyball field, football field, basketball field, tennis court, fitness center & gym, pilates, yoga, and multipurpose studios, spa, steam room, Turkish bath, and jacuzzi.
  • There are many amenities within the residential compound, such as a shopping center, market, barber, beauty salon, dry cleaning, cafes, and restaurants.
  • There are entertainment amenities as well, such as an amphitheater, outdoor cinema, festival square, workshops, and sitting terraces.

It is your gate to a new environment-friendly life in Istanbul, call us for further details.

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Last updated on 01-02-2021

Price List

Floor planPrice
1+1$ 174,847
2+1$ 247,055
3+1$ 358,896
4+1$ 389,202
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Turkish Lira exchange rate, 06 April 2021 1 USD=8.15, 1 EUR=9.63, 1 GBP=11.28

This property is located in Istanbul Eyup

Istanbul Eyup
Eyup Sultan, often called only Eyup, is the first settlement after the conquest of Istanbul
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