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3 bedroom apartment for sale in a compound in Istanbul Esenyurt

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M2 120
Rooms 3+1
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This spacious furnished 120 m2 apartment with an open-plan concept features a sophisticated color scheme, offering luxurious comfort.

This 3 bedroom apartment measuring 120 m2 offers luxurious comfort in a compound located in the Haramidere neighborhood of Esenyurt near the E-5 highway on the European side of Istanbul.

The well-appointed apartment with an open-plan concept is half-furnished. The kitchen inserted into the main living room greets you a little further on the left after entering the flat. There are two bedrooms across the entrance door; the bathroom and the third bedroom are on the right. 

When you turn left, you see a floor-to-ceiling closet with white doors facing the entryway that continues, respectively, with a wine-bottle cabinet, a large refrigerator, and kitchen cabinetry with built-in black electronic appliances, stove, oven, extractor hood, and microwave, all facing the living room. All furnishings in the kitchen are top to toe black with white streaks. This all-black kitchen looks sophisticated and elegant; only the white closet doors and surrounding greyish-white walls break the tone. The dramatic kitchen paired with marble cabinets makes a bold statement in the apartment, which is by far the most attractive spot. 

The dining table sits nicely in front of the single-wall kitchen. The embedded 3 circles form a unique-shaped table that fits 6 white-cushioned chairs. The kitchen extends into the lounge area that accommodates a lounge suite, a carpet, an air conditioner, wooden counsel, and a coffee table identical to the dining table form-wise in the middle. Chandeliers with crystals hang, adding a luxurious element. Greyish laminate parquet suits the monochromatic scheme in the lounge area. 

The bedrooms have a specific color palette. One bedroom accommodates white furnishings, while the other one comes with a brown closet and a bed, and lastly, with a beige-brown color scheme, the main bedroom features a double bed, cupboards, and a private bathroom. The bathrooms have a shower cabin and modern, high-quality sanitary wares. 

This 3+1 housing unit ensures a luxurious and functional living space with a well-planned layout and bold and sophisticated fixtures. 

This property was published on 31-01-2022.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Esenyurt

Istanbul Esenyurt
On the European side of Istanbul, neighboring Avcilar, Beylikduzu, Kucukcekmece Lake, nearby E-5 and E-80 highways, Esenyurt has been a boosting real estate development area
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