Villa with a private garden and swimming pool for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece

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M2 400
Rooms 6+1
Garden 2500 m2
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Spacious villa in a tranquil location in Istanbul, Buyukcekmece suitable for big families.

Tepekent is located between Buykcekmce lake and the sea of Marmar, which guarantees outbreathing views. In the middle of the amazing landscape lies a spacious duplex villa with 400m2 for sale.

Villa with a private garden and swimming pool for sale in Istanbul Buyukcekmece 0

Full description for the duplex villa

  • The villa interior size is 400m2, while its total land size is 2500m2.
  • There is a large private swimming pool.
  • The villa has a large private garden with planted areas with grass and small pine trees covering the walls and walking areas that are covered by two different tiles.
  • There is a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a living room, a separate kitchen, a bathroom, a small terrace room, two small terraces, and a winter garden on the garden floor.
  • There are two master bedrooms with an ensuite bathroom and a dressing room, a bedroom, a bathroom, two terraces, and a living room on the first floor.
  • The villa facade has been decorated with a combination of three different stones and colors which adds a special aesthetic to the overall design.

If you consider living in a high-quality private villa with excellent building materials, this lavish villa is a good fit for you. Living here will ensure a comfortable life with a great sense of privacy in the middle of outstanding nature.

Tepekent neighborhood in Buyukcekmece is one of the most tranquil and peaceful neighborhoods. Most of its properties are private houses and villas, making it a proper area for families. Especially with its various social amenities include educational institutes such as Arel University, health centers such as Istanbul, special care for the disabled center, among other shops, cafes, etc., that serve your daily needs.

Moreover, this villa is suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

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This property was published on 09-04-2021.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Buyukcekmece

Istanbul Buyukcekmece
After a stroll on the Sultan Suleyman Bridge (also called the Buyukcekmece Bridge) by the world-known Ottoman architect Mimar Sinan, you arrive at more of the impressive historical buildings
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