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4+1286-434 m2$ 1,029,227 - $ 1,587,052
5+1495 m2$ 1,766,185 - $ 1,791,326
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This Luxurious villa complex is in a coastal village north of Beykoz, Riva. Riva has gained popularity among tourists, especially during the summer, where many escape the hot weather to enjoy a relaxing cooler atmosphere in Riva on the black sea, north Istanbul. There is a river that runs through Riva, alongside the fertile meadow and the greenery forests.

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This under-construction project offers various villa types ranges from 2+1-5+2, and some have two floors, while others have three floors. It is built over a land of 1 157000 square meters. The valley of Riva, alongside the lake, meadow, arable land, and the coast, surround the villas, providing a calm and eco-friendly environment.

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The project's highlight:

  • There are different types of apartments, such as 2+1 duplexes, 3+1 duplexes, 3+1 triplexes, 4+1 triplexes, 4,5+1 triplexes, 4+2 triplexes, 5+1 duplexes, 5+1 triplexes, and 5+2 triplexes.
  • Each villa has a private garden, storage room (some have more than one), and ensuite bathrooms.
  • Some villa types have a private swimming pool and a dressing room.
  • There are common social facilities such as an indoor swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms, Turkish Bath, fitness center, football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts.
  • There is a 24/7 security system.
  • There are shops, parks, lakes, a private school, a government school, and a hospital within the project.

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What is unique about this project?

  • It is within nature, and it provides the highest standards of healthy life away from the stressful life in the crowded city. Yet, it connects you to other areas in the city and all the social amenities easily, as below
  • It is 10km from Sultan Selim Bridge, 19km to FSM Bridge, and 24km to Bosphorus Bridge.
  • It is within 28km of Taksim and 19km to Maslak.

  • Also, you have a chance to experience a more natural life and explore a new life within this project. You can enjoy outdoor sports activities in the forest and meadow.
  • You have the opportunity to plant vegetables and fruit and eat from what you harvest.

It is a unique eco-friendly project that lies on the shores of the Black sea and Riva's valley. For further details, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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This property was published on 03-04-2021.
It was last updated on 06-05-2022.
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