Restaurant for sale in Istanbul Beylikduzu with rental income

Ref: 8127
M2 150-185
Price in seller's currency : 8.250.000 ₺
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In Istanbul, a famous restaurant that presented the long plate concept for the first time in Turkey, Green Salad, is for sale in Beylikduzu. There are two branches for the same restaurant inside a shopping center, which means a high number of visitors every day.

We recommend these commercial properties for Turkish Citizenship seekers as well as property investors because

  • The commercial properties are in Beylikduzu, one of the most developed districts with rapid progress in Istanbul. Beylikduzu has potential investment returns and a bright investment future as per real estate experts.
  • The restaurant that rents them, Green Salad, has a huge appreciation among Istanbulians and tourists.
  • You will enjoy a monthly rental income for five years. Each branch has a different monthly rental income depends on the size of the shop.
  • The small branch has 33.000 TL as a monthly rental income, whereas the bigger branch has 34.648 TL.
  • The commercial properties are suitable for Turkish Citizenship.

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This property was published on 09-05-2021.
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This property is located in Istanbul Beylikduzu

Istanbul Beylikduzu
While searching for a property in Istanbul, it'll be obvious that Beylikduzu is a preferred location for many new-build modern developments with on-site facilities
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