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Modern apartments in Istanbul Sultangazi

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M2 140-320
Rooms 2+1, 3+1
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2+1 and 3+1 apartments, commercial units, and social facilities are nicely integrated into this modern Istanbul project.

Located in Sultangazi on the European side of Istanbul, the project site is near hospitals, schools, universities, and shopping malls. Situated on the highway connecting E-80 and E-5 and the Northern Marmara Road, it's only 11 km from Istanbul Airport (the new one). Lying at the heart of Istanbul, the site offers you a comfortable and peaceful living experience in modern apartments adaptable to your taste.

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The project consists of 2 blocks ( A and B) with 13 floors (including the ground floor), 120 apartments, and 10 shops. The ground floor is reserved for commercial units, while the 2+1 and 3+1 type apartments are situated on the upper floors. 1500 m2 is dedicated to the green area, including a basketball court and children's playground. You can benefit from outdoor space to socialize as you watch your children playing in a safe environment. If you are looking for an investment opportunity and seeking Turkish citizenship, these apartments are ideal for you.

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Site Features

  • 24/7 security and surveillance system
  • Basketball court
  • Children's playground
  • Parking lot
  • 2 elevators ( in each block)
  • 2 stairs ( in each block)


  • Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge 18 km
  • Mall of Istanbul 6 km
  • Metro and Tram 100 meters
  • Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge 15 km
  • Bosphorus/ 15 July Martyrs Bridge 14 km
  • Belgrad Forest 8 km
  • Batisehir 7 km
  • Stadium 2 km
  • Ibn Haldun University 3 km
  • Public Hospital 4 km
  • Istanbul Canal 10 km
  • Venezia Mall 5.5 km
  • Basaksehir People's Garden 4 km
  • Basaksehir National Park 4 km
  • Basaksehir Medical City 4.5 km
  • T4 Train line 5 min
  • Istanbul Canal 10 km

Modern apartments in Istanbul Sultangazi 2

Important Details

The title deed is ready.
Eligible to be part of your portfolio (adding up to 250 thousand USD in total) for Turkish citizenship.

This property was published on 17-11-2021.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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