Living a green life in Istanbul is possible at this eco-friendly residential project in Kagithane

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Innovative residential complex of Istanbul with Eco-Friendly solutions, designed as a vertical forest, in the central Kagithane district.

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Living a green life in Istanbul is possible at this eco-friendly residential project in Kagithane 0

You can now own a house in "Turkey's First Vertical Forest" – a unique and original residential architecture of Istanbul.

Having the highest green walls in Europe, the vertical gardens of this truly "green" residential complex are designed with 900 trees and 21 200 plants that spectacularly cover the facade of the building. This Urban Residence is the first and the only "Vertical Forest" of Turkey today and the second one worldwide.

This unique architectural masterpiece is constructed in 20 000 m² area and has only one building block of 24 floors, which accommodates 170 apartments in it. While the residential area makes 17 floors, the rest of the building is allocated for parking and social facilities. The floor planning of the construction consists of 1+1 and 2+1 apartments that vary from 50 m² to 98 m² upon your preference.

Living a green life in Istanbul is possible at this eco-friendly residential project in Kagithane 1

The residential complex introduces high-efficiency boilers for space heating and hot water, low-flow faucets in all kitchens and bathrooms, a built-in greywater treatment system, rainwater collection systems, concrete filler floor slab, and solar panels. All these features of the project in combination allow you to reduce the cost of utilities while living in the complex by saving 35 percent more energy, 42 percent more water, and 41 percent more embodied energy than in any other identical apartment.

The roof lounge has been designed to entertain residents and their guests, offering a swimming pool, vitamin bar, view terrace, sauna, fitness, and a steam room located on it. Other social facilities of the project include a children's swimming pool, conference room, café, entertainment room, cinema room, study room, music room, and others.

Living a green life in Istanbul is possible at this eco-friendly residential project in Kagithane 2

Located near Levent Buyukdere Avenue, the apartment complex is close to key business centers and famous shopping malls of the city.

Due to its outstanding ecological lifestyle concept, the project has been nominated for the "Leader in Energy and Eco-Friendly Design (LEED)" Gold Category. It has also been awarded the "EDGE Green Building" Certificate by International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Technical Features

Reduced window to wall ratio

Insulated roof and external walls

Variable refrigerant volume (VRV) cooling system

Lighting controls for common areas & outdoors

Low-flow showerheads

Dual-flush water closets

Reflective paint for external walls

Low-E coated glass

Other Services

24-Hour Security



Dry Cleaning

Open & Closed Parking Zone

Security Cameras

Security Gate

This property was published on 06-09-2021.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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