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Kiosks for sale in Istanbul Eyup

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4 different Kiosks with tenants for sale in Eyup with rental guarantee

There is a great option to own a commercial property in Istanbul with a rental guarantee. Eyup district is one of the largest and oldest neighborhoods in Istanbul as it extends from the Golden Horn to the black sea, and it has borders with Sariyer, Beyoglu, Kagithane, Basaksehir, GaziOsman, Fatih, and Arnavotkoy.

It has a spiritual meaning, especially with its Eyup Sultan mosque and its surrounding area. It is also famous for its coastal line of the Golden Horn and its famous hill of Piere Loti, where the Golden horn's views are incredible.

There are four kiosks inside a shopping center, with 3,06 square meters, and a rental guarantee of 10,620 TL for five years. All these kiosks are suitable for citizenship.

They are close to the metro station, main highway, hospitals, and other social amenities in Eyup.

If you are considering buying a commercial property, please look at our commercial listings for more info.

This property was published on 30-10-2020.
It was last updated on 27-11-2022.
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This property is located in Istanbul Eyup

Istanbul Eyup
Eyup Sultan, often called only Eyup, is the first settlement after the conquest of Istanbul
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