Bungalow-style villas in Izmir Urla with private pools

Ref: 11553
M2 250
Rooms 4+1
Garden 500 m2
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New properties in Izmir, Urla district, offer an excellent location for those who prefer easy access to the city and stay in a tranquil location near the sea.

Located in Urla, Izmir, this villa provides a cozy living space with a private pool and garden. This property has a 500 m2 private garden area. You can enjoy this garden and the swimming pool during summer and make the most of winter in the winter garden area. The villa offers a living room, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and a cellar in an overall 250 m2 living space. This villa has a modern design, combined with a positive vibe of greenery areas, making it an attractive property in Izmir.  

Bungalow-style villas in Izmir Urla with private pools 0

Urla district of Izmir has a convenient location with easy access to Izmir town center and yet in a tranquil location with countryside vibe, near the sea, surrounded by nice places to visit including some small islands.  People who care about organic nutrition can easily find their needs since the property is close to organic and traditional stores. 

This duplex 4-bedroom villa also offers parking space. There are 5 villas on-site, making it a quiet yet friendly environment for the residents. This property is suitable for applying for Turkish Citizenship

Bungalow-style villas in Izmir Urla with private pools 1

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