Boutique apartments for sale in Istanbul Besiktas

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1+0 25-72 $ 130,611 - $ 394,445
1+1 47-55 m2$ 250,930 - $ 296,766
2+155-97 m2$ 276,025 - $ 544,599
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Residential apartments project in Besiktas, central Istanbul, with services and a rental guarantee program.

The residential project in Istanbul Besiktas introduces a distinctive concept to the market, offering fully furnished apartments with amenities. The properties come with housekeeping, laundry, concierge, and shuttle services, all without requiring long-term commitments or maintenance fees.

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This program enhances tenant options and a rental guarantee while enabling homeowners to optimize their real estate investments. The project delivers a sustainable net revenue stream that remains resilient to inflation. Utilizing the various apps and the project's website, homeowners can oversee their properties, access real-time revenue data, and even book complimentary stays, enhancing their peace of mind and ensuring a swift, secure exit strategy.

This residential complex represents an exceptional investment opportunity that benefits homeowners and tenants.

The project's rental guarantee details are as follows:

- A minimum 5% rental guarantee (annual) is promised to each client and stated in the sales contract alongside a rental contract of 5 years in the sales agreement.
- The rental period starts after the 1st month of construction completion.
- The buyer can periodically review the occupancy and rental price of their property online 
- The payments are made monthly and calculated based on the updated USD/TRY exchange rates at the beginning of every month.
- If the annual yield exceeds %5 on any given year: %30 is taken as an operation fee, and the remaining %70 is paid to the homeowner as an additional revenue yield.

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Advantages of the location:

Besiktas is a popular and vibrant district on the European side of Istanbul, Turkey. It offers several advantages for investing in real estate, particularly to generate high rental income. Here are some reasons why:

Central location: Besiktas is well-connected to other parts of Istanbul through an extensive public transportation network, making it an attractive destination. The district has a central business district, which houses companies' headquarters, drawing professionals seeking rental properties close to their workplaces.

High demand for quality housing: Due to increased urbanization, there is a growing demand for modern, comfortable, and secure living spaces in Besiktas. Investors focusing on building high-quality homes can charge profitable rents due to limited supply compared to high demand.

Amenities and infrastructure: Besiktas benefits from excellent social and recreational amenities, including the beautiful waterfront promenades along the Bosphorus Strait.

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Potential capital appreciation: Real estate prices in Besiktas have shown steady growth over time, driven by strong economic fundamentals and rising demand. By investing in strategically located properties, investors stand to benefit from price increases, generating additional returns beyond rental income.

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