Award-winning apartments in Istanbul, Europe's largest residential construction project

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M2 65-300
Age of the property 2
Rooms 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, 4+1, 5+1, 6+1
Price in seller's currency : 600.000 ₺
Discount 10%
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Situated on a 820.000 square meter land, project Baticity is standing as the biggest compound to ever been built in the Europe. The construction has been completed and awarded with "best mixed project" achivements, making it both a great investment and a place you and your family would found the comfort in. Its proximity to the new airport makes it desirable by the employees of the airport and the demand for rentals are quite high with limited availability.

Everything you may found in a 5 star holiday village is within your reach, within the complex, there is a kilometer long street giving you an open air shopping experience as well as two 5 star hotels. From social areas to sports complexes there is an activity for everyone and the home owners are to enjoy 7 big size swimming pools. There is a variety of apartment choices in stocks so please reach out to us to learn more about latest prices and opportunities regarding this massive and successful project. 

Price List

Floor planPrice
1+0$ 77,519
1+1$ 85,917
2+1$ 138,889
3+1$ 196,382
4+1$ 280,362
Delivery on Aug 2019
36 months installments
Sold out
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Turkish Lira exchange rate, 01 October 2020 1 USD=7.70, 1 EUR=9.04, 1 GBP=9.91

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